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Another semester

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 25 April 2012 · 280 views

So with finals week starting I am already thinking about next semester. I am just excited about it and wanted to post my upcomming classes...

American Sign Language 1
ASL is important to me for personal reasons. My mom, sister, and most of my mom's side of the family is deaf or hard of hearing. It will help me be closer with my family and help me in every-day life. We have 5 deaf people that come into my job. It could also help me in my teaching profession. My wife is learning it with me and we are teaching it to our son. It will be a family thing.

Intro to Geology
I don't know if this couse is worth my time but it fulfills a requirement and since I study the history of geology, it might be useful...

History of the Holocaust
It fulfills a requirement for my Jewish Studies minor and I think it is a valuble part of history to understand.

How to do History
This is just a class to prepare me for my Senior paper. My Senior paper is going to be on the history of the New Atheist movement. It will do the rare thing of actually adding something to the field.

Philosophy of Biologial Science
This class will better help me in my understanding of the Philosophy of Science and the history and philosophy of biology, a major area of my studies.

History of Modern Israel: Society, Culture, and Politics
Once again, meets my Jewish studies minor and it helps to understand the modern day issues with Israel-Palestine.

Should be a fun and relaxing semester!

Have fun and do well.
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