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Am I a Communist? and not a Communitarian....

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 03 May 2012 · 1,127 views

communist; communitarian
Am I a Communist? Some have suggested that I am a Communist, so I figured I would take some time to explain the difference between a Communist and a Communitarian.

I guess I will start by saying that Communism is a flawed philosophy. Marx was a horribly philosopher. I am most familiar with him because of his theories of religion. His problem is he is a fundamental reductionist. Their claims almost always get trashed. First off, the Soviets perverted Marx’s ideas. Marx’s ideas, at the base, were intended for good. He wanted a society free of a class system, where everyone shares everything, where everyone gets paid the same, and where everyone is equal. That is not an inherently evil premise. The problem comes with his logic. He does not take into account human nature. Basically if you do not give people a reason to work hard, they won’t. You mentioned this above with people taking advantage of the system. If everything is given to them, why try? I have personally seen the effects of this type of mentality in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan used to be part of the Soviet Union. We currently have a military base there and we pay these people to build stuff for us. Let me tell you…you have not seen lazy until you see these people. They will literally sit around for hours and not do a single thing. Why? Why should they, they are getting paid. This type of philosophy was actually the reason I got off of active duty in the military. In the military everyone is paid the same (if they are of the same rank and have the same relationship status and stuff.) One gets promoted by taking a test (which is also combined with points from decorations and time in grade/service.) Basically, if you are a good test taker, you can get promoted even if you are a horrible worker. We had troops that figured this system out. You would tell them to do something and they would look at you like you were crazy. They would say “why? You going to give me paper work? You going to kick me out?” and they knew the answer to this…unless you commit a felony (basically) you will not get kicked out in 4 years. It is very hard to get “fired” from the military in general. Because of this, they slack off while others pick up the slack for the same pay. They have no incentive to work hard because they can take a test and move up or simply sit where they are. I got off of active duty because I am a hard worker and I am better than that. All I am saying is that Marx’s philosophy is logically invalid and not practical.

With that being said, the Communist plan does sound more like America. I mean freedom and equality for all? How is that not Communistic? If you take a class in American history you will see that what we preach is closer to communism than it is to what we actually practice. The only reason we people have a negative view of Communism was because the Soviet Union was our biggest competition. We wanted to be everything that was anti-USSR. There were some times about their system that was superior. For example, they were the only country not affected by the Great Depression. They were unaffected because everything was internal. The bad taste comes from their evil government, which was very oppressive. They did not follow Marxist philosophy. If you established a government that upheld a superior Constitution (like the modern translation of ours,) I would argue you could create one of the freest people in history…but like I said the logic is not valid and it is not practical.

Am I a Communist? It is obvious that I am not. I do not believe everyone should be equal. I do not believe everyone should earn the same wage. I do not even believe that everyone should be able to vote. I believe in hard work that leads to leads one individual to earn more, or live better off than another. What I am for is a level playing field, a field in which everyone has the same opportunity to reach the same goal. When I say I am a Communitarian that means I am willing to give up some of my time or money to help those in my community in need (I am talking more local and not national.) I am willing to pay more on my taxes to build a park or a school to advance education and help my community. That extra tax money I would put into my community is making a better future for the people that live in it. It is allowing them to gain the education they need to be successful. I personally have a hard time seeing how anyone would argue against that point.

Hopefully you can now see the difference between a Communitarian and a Communist.

Edit: To add some Clarification

I just wanted to add a bit in response to StarMountainKid’s question…
“I like your entry very much, but I have a couple of questions.
You say you do not believe that everyone should be equal. What do you mean? Also, you say you do not believe everyone should be able to vote. What do you mean by that, as well?”

Good questions that I should expand on.

Being Equal-
As far as being equal I was more responding specifically to the Communist model, which is a classless system in which everyone gets paid the same. I do not feel that everyone should get paid the same because not every job is the same. Someone that goes to college for 8 years should earn more than someone who did not. Someone that works harder at the same job should get paid more. I am for an equal playing field. No one should be discriminated against because of their sex, race, religion, sexual preference, ect. They should all have an equal chance to succeed but those that word harder should be rewarded. Now I am for a wealth cap but I certainly do not think everyone should be given the same thing because that makes for a lazy, unmotivated culture. Also on the equality thing I do not believe everyone should have a right in everything. For example, I should not have a say in details involving your work because chances are that I know very little about your work. It is ok to exclude me based on the fact I am not qualified…and that leads to the voting issue…

I do not believe everyone should be able to vote. How do we determine who does not vote? I guess I would propose a test, a test on American government that receives a passing grade. They should understand the three branches of government and how they work. They should understand districting, gerrymandering, and the Electoral College. They should understand that Obama is not a dictator, and it’s not what he says goes, but rather that congress has a large part in what happens in this country. They should understand how difficult it is for a president to pass bills when the congress is dominated by the other party. This would not be a complicated test. It would be a test that anyone that has taken a class or read a book on American government could pass. This is something anyone should be able to do with the school system we have in this country. Why should someone that does not understand the system have a say in who runs it? It is like the example given in the previous paragraph…I should not have a say in things at your job because I do not know you job but oddly enough, in American, we think that people who do not understand things should have a say in them. This test would be the bare minimum but I would even like to see it taken one step further…

I would also like a test in philosophical logic and critical thinking. I would like to know why they think things such as evolution should not be taught it schools but then wonder why our science scores lag behind the rest of the developed world. I would like to know why they feel that the Bible should dominate our government even though it appears to contradict the Constitution. I would also like to know why people think our country was greater when it was founded than what it is today. I would like to know why people think capitalism, and out sourcing specifically, improves their lives. I would like to know why poor and uneducated people think rich people should not be taxed more. I would like people to consider the motives of politicians and why they think these people have their best interests in mind. Once again this is not a hard test to pass. Granted critical thinking is the main point of any college but one does not need a college degree to know how to think critically. Many people, my parents for example (neither of them have a college degree) can think critically and logically reason through many of these problems. The biggest thing is to question what someone tells you and not just take it as fact. If you blindly accept everything someone says, you will get taken advantage of. If a person cannot reason though a problem I seriously question their ability to be able to pick an effective leader of this country.

(When I say I am a Communitarian that means I am willing to give up some of my time or money to help those in my community in need (I am talking more local and not national.) )

The above is an important distinction, the most important in your well worded explanation.

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May 04 2012 12:35 AM
I like your entry very much, but I have a couple of questions.
You say you do not believe that everyone should be equal. What do you mean? Also, you say you do not believe everyone should be able to vote. What do you mean by that, as well?

I like your conversational style of writing, and the font is nice, too, by the way.
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May 04 2012 01:44 PM
Thanks Mark

I answer your questions in the original blog entry at the bottom. Thank you for bringing up those points.
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May 04 2012 04:17 PM
Thanks for your reply. I agree with the equality thing, but having to pass a test to be allowed to vote opens an ugly can of worms, in my opinion. I don't think it would make any difference in the way people vote, and allowing someone in some burocracy to compose a test to decide whether I can vote or not is not a good idea.

Not only is it not a good idea, it is a very bad idea.
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May 04 2012 04:56 PM
I did acknowledge in a post in the forum that one of the problems would be "who would compose the test." And you are correct that there can be issues with it. I mean in the past they used to do literacy tests to discriminate against freed slaves from voting. I would like to think our country is to the point where this would not happen any more but it does still leave open issues. Either way, I stand by the statement that I do not think everyone should have the right to vote just because. Or how about this...if everyone does have the right to vote, how about no talking about politics? I mean why is this country in the mess it's in? Well because idiots are voting...
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May 06 2012 01:39 AM


I mean why is this country in the mess it's in? Well because idiots are voting...

I think it's because idiots are running for office.  I think if someone who was honest and told it like it really is, he/she'd be elected in a minute. This will never happen, of course.
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May 06 2012 10:41 AM
That person would not be elected. People don't want to hear that there is nothing that can be done about gas prices, that fixing the economy will take a while, ect. They want someone that is going to change everything right now, to their liking. What they really want is a dictator. I think Obama tells it how it is more than any other politician I have heard. I mean his remark about Kanye West, when he was telling congress to do their jobs during the pay roll tax cut thing, and other things. When he calls people out like that, it makes me want to vote for him for just that reason. I mean seriously, could you see Romney ever telling it as it is? Gingrich maybe, but Romney, no.
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