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What makes you so great?

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 05 May 2012 · 1,057 views

Just a quick random thought...

What makes everyone think they are so great? What makes people think they are exceptional? What makes people think that their situation is special or unique? It seems like everyone "gets it" when it comes to rough times or discrimination. But do they? Do they really understand? Do they even try to understand?

Think about it...

the answer is already coalescing around you..


I have recieved 4 likes. If I could like myself I would have many more :)

it has a bit to do with forgiving ourselves and accepting that we aren't perfect..
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May 05 2012 03:43 PM
lol dude that was a joke. I am by no means perfect and I do not know everything. Apparently this is not a place to make jokes...
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May 05 2012 07:20 PM
Maybe the fact that most people are told when they are young that they are special and that humans as a whole tend to be quite selfish creatures.
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uhh, yeah...
i kinda knew/figured it wasn't serious???


i won't trouble you again :)
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