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A is for Abortion

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 04 January 2013 · 717 views

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So with my gift card to Barnes and Noble I bought a book called Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies. I figured it would be an interesting read. I do like to read things from both sides of the argument...I try to be as non-biased as possible. I think it will be interesting to hear their "comebacks" and maybe I will learn something in the process. The book is structured so that it has a "lie" for every letter of the alphabet. The first is Abortion. I figured it would be fun to do a blog entry for every argument evaluating their case and seeing if I agree. If you are interested in hearing my opinion on it, check back.

A is for Abortion

This is not the best topic to start with because this is one of the few arguments that I can understand both sides of it. With that being said, there are a few things that I wanted to comment on.

Their biggest point is that life being at conception. Though that is true, it leaves a very vague definition of life. Their definition of life is literally “a bunch of cells multiplying.” Using this definition of life, we could, and do, consider nearly anything that is able to multiply, life. Oddly enough, I rarely hear arguments from Conservatives trying to protect the world’s simplest life forms. Obviously, this would be because they find cells replicating in a woman’s uterus somehow different…because it has the DNA to make a human?

Some of the arguments supposedly made by Liberals are ignorant or stupid and one really does annoy me. This is the essence of Pro-Choice; that women should have or have the right to “choose.” This is an incredibly stupid argument. Abortion has nothing to do with women having a choice. Women had a choice. They had the choice to have sex or not to have sex (it most cases, but I will address rape later) and they had the choice to use protection or not to use protection. They had a choice; they had a couple of them. What they are looking for is a way to “fix” a bad choice. Abortion should not be a form of birth control.

    I also have an issue with claim 10…

Claim 10: “I’m personally against abortion, but I wouldn’t impose my beliefs on someone else.”

Response: “To be “pro-choice” is to be pro-abortion and pro-murder.”

    I would argue this is not fully true. Having two kids and seeing them on an ultrasound, I would never personally get an abortion, yet I am “pro-abortion.” I often kill bugs and take antibiotics. I eat meat…and veggies, yet I do not consider myself pro-murder. I personally do not hunt because I am not a fan of killing, or rather having to see it done, but I fish. I have less of a connection to fish than I do other animals for one reason; their ability to feel pain. Fish do not feel pain. We know they do not feel pain because their cerebral cortex is not developed enough for them to experience what we would call pain. They simply react to a stimulus. I look at abortion the same way. I am pro first trimester abortion, before it is able to feel pain and before it is able to live outside the mother. I do not believe in abortion after that and I would consider late term abortions murder. This is not a black and white argument.

    Another point that they made, which I agree with, is claim 18.

Claim 18: “Abortion liberates women.”

    I find this claim highly offensive and women should find it offensive also. Getting an abortion, especially one after the first trimester, is about as liberating as it is for me to shake a baby or choke a small dog. If women are liberated by killing something that cannot defend itself, I find that very troubling, don’t you?

    Another good point worth mentioning… Where does the father come into play? The father makes up half of the baby’s DNA. Should he not have an equal say? Sure, it is in your uterus, but it is still only half your DNA. I believe the father should have a say.

    The last point I wanted to comment on is claim 19.

Claim 19: Roe v. Wade is not Constitutional law.

    This is the type of claim Conservatives make any time the courts do not rule in their favor. They express their own opinion on what the Constitution says or does not say or they say just because the Supreme Court rules on something, that does not make it Constitutional or unconstitutional (Rand Paul is a great example of this.) What they are missing, is that’s exactly what the Supreme Court is designed to do. The Supreme Court was established to interpret the laws of the Constitution. When the Supreme Court rules that something is (or is not,) Constitutional, it is (or is not…) period. The Supreme Court was given power by the Constitution, which is exactly what they are preaching so hard. Either accept all of the Constitution (and the Supreme Court which it created) or do not. You cannot have both.

    With all of that said, it is time for my view on abortion. I only believe in abortion in cases of rape, incest, or risk to the mother’s life BUT this should only be allowed during the first trimester. At the same time I believe it needs to be legal for anyone (in the first trimester) because if it was only legal in cases of rape or incest, many women would most likely lie about it. It can also be better regulated when it is legal. As much as I do not want abortion to be a form of birth control, sometimes it needs to be. Many people should not be having kids and many people cannot support them. Conservatives want to get rid of abortion but many also want to get rid of contraception and social programs such as food stamps. Essentially they want to force people to have babies and then give them no help when they need it. Their obvious solution to the problem is “well don’t have sex.” Well as nice as that may sound, it is not realistic and very likely hypocritical. Abortion should be legal but it has nothing to do with a woman’s right to choose.

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