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A Solution to our Healthcare Problem

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 11 January 2013 · 676 views

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A Solution to our Healthcare Problem

So I have come up with a solution to the healthcare problem in America. I have a solution that will provide better care to those who want it, while reducing costs. In America, nearly 50% of people do not believe in evolution but rather believe in creationism. They call biology “Darwinian Evolution” as if it is some type of belief. Educated people call it science. Nearly half of the people in the United States do not accept biology as science and prefer the notion that “God did it.” Because of this, I have a solution to our healthcare problem. It consists of a 2 part program.

The first part of the program is called Darwinian Healthcare. The people that accept science and modern medicine are able to take part in this program and benefit from modern medicine. People in this program will be able to take advantage of scientific advancements in medicine in the past few hundred years, which will provide them with basically every treatment, know to man today.

The second part of the program is called Jesus Care. This is for people who do not accept Darwinism (biology) and modern science as scientific fact. Their treatment will involve going to a church and praying.

This is simply a system in which one chooses receives the benefits of their beliefs. If you believe science is false, you can pray to heal your illnesses…If you accept science you can use modern medicine to heal your illnesses. We must have these 2 systems so that people do not take advantage of a system they do not believe in. I mean if biology has allowed us to come up with a flu shot and discover cures to diseases, why should those that find it evil benefit from it? They do not want this evil part of their life do they?
By having this 2 part system, and sending half of the population to churches, we will be able to cut out healthcare costs in half! We will also be able to satisfy those that do not want to be subjected to the religion of Darwinism.

You are welcome America.

Big Bad Voodoo
Jan 11 2013 05:58 AM
If you can decide, would you banned religion un your country?
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Jan 11 2013 06:03 AM
Certainly not. I want everyone to believe in the religion they choose. Religion provides many good things. All I ask is that they keep it out of education, science, and law making. By all means believe what you want but do not hinder the country because of your personal beliefs.
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