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TROOPER MEETS TROOPER ^_^ (some rock bands have real class)

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 25 July 2012 · 816 views

This story,is very personal to me.
I networked it from the moment he was found .
A family ,who claims to not have owned him,watched this poor cat languish,in freezing cold,for 18 hours.
Their driveway was wet,and he actually froze to the ground there. They did nothing,but watch.
Finally,after almost a day,they figured ,since he didn't move,they should call someone.
That someone,was Gwen.
He could have died. He lost his tail and one leg to frost bite. He almost lost a second leg.It was a long hard road .

This all occurred in New Foundland .
They named him,Trooper.
If no one knows,there is a very famous Canadian band named Trooper. Somehow,they heard this story ,and not only did they send our Trooper a care package of goodies,they had a special cat suit made for him .Only one of It's kind .
I vaguely remember Trooper from years ago,but they ,like many cool Canadian bands,never make it in the USA .
(Budgie ,Tea Party,and Triumph come immediately to mind)

This was all months ago now,and Trooper is fully healed. Because of his attachment to Gwen,he wasn't put up for adoption .Which I think was for the best .He lives with Gwen and her sister .

So now that he's well,Trooper wants to meet their namesake.

I know bands that don't even treat their CD buying fans well . These guys are awesome in my book .
Total class act .


Great story!
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Trooper was my first concert experience.

I hope that the other Trooper leads a happy life.

*raise a little hell*
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Simbi Laveau
Jul 25 2012 05:54 AM
I think Trooper is very happy now. From how Gwen tells it,he has other furry buddies,love,attention,toys,food .
She said the loss of the leg seems totally unimportant to him .
He's a happy kitty . There are gods of his rescue on YouTube .
Gwen needed buckets and buckets of warm water,to unfreeze him from the ground .
Just search Trooper,Gwen Samms,SCAPA.
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