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How the big dog plays.

Posted by Goodnite , 18 April 2012 · 164 views

So, what is it you do for relaxation? No, besides that-  :blush:  
I for one think it is so relaxing to just get away from it all and get outdoors. Now I don't mean a trip to the local shopping mall, or to the hairdresser or the pharmacy- :wacko:
I'm talking about OUTdoors, you know, nature. I swear that when I get there I get a true feeling of peace. Ever just sit and watch everything around you in nature? I mean I get so focused without effort that I have seen mice and moles move the leaf litter and heard a cicada make it's melody seperate from the thousands of others.
Ever sit by a babeling brook and let the sun shine on your face, warming it as much as a lover's embrace? I have, and it beats almost all I know.
My trips aren't only in good weather, I've braved the snow and rain of January and February as well. It's a different feel with snow covering the ground. For one, it's super quiet and you can hear your chilly breathing. The landscape looks clean and fluffy like a giant queen sized down comforter has been placed on the world.
My advice would be this; next time you need to recover from life, head out to the woods and let mother nature make it feel better. :innocent:

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