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Did You Know How Emotionsí Can Effect Heart and Brain

Posted by Andromedan StarSeed , 08 March 2014 · 254 views

I found this neat did you know and has great diagrams how effects of heart and brain its very something to share with you guys.  Not many people know this how every day thing we go though and how it affects our every day lives. It also has many links that is very well connected to immune system and the brain waves even our magnetic field around our bodies....


Very nice find in Nevada at the end of Las Vegas on Dec year of 2013!

Posted by Andromedan StarSeed , 16 February 2014 · 385 views

These lovely fluids from soda co. that has few nice favors I have gotten two of these sodas that fit lovely odd drinks that you can find on your travels. Since New Years Eve put a damper on things going cross the Las Vegas finding place to eat was not easy on crazy night in New Years Eve. I and my room mates had to work early schedule and we...


Part 3 introduction inspiring connections

Posted by Andromedan StarSeed , 12 June 2012 · 576 views

There is some ancestries in Sirius A that are similar to Lyrans due to some genetic coding of DNA and they are called Katayy in Sirius A. Many of the races have done a lot of things on earth over the years. At the time things did brake out on earth between Lemurians civilization and Atlantean civilization. Even though there where bit different due to their...


Part two introduction inspiring connections

Posted by Andromedan StarSeed , 22 April 2012 · 660 views

21 generations left with in Bila, Teka and Merck due to its not live able any more due to Alpha Draconians destroyed the resources on those three planets. Not any good after whatís was done and they had to live on the craft and moving around all the time to find a place that is safe. Many of those generations went to other systems and settled down on many...


Introduction inspiring connections from the past

Posted by Andromedan StarSeed , 19 April 2012 · 384 views

Today Iím going to give bits of Introduction of my knowledge and connections that linked with Andromedans history and blood line as well other things. Since not many others havenít spoken or has shared on the forums. Iím using the blog to put inspiring writings then having them on the forums here on UM, since I feel its best place to keep it here for those...

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