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Introduction inspiring connections from the past

Posted by Andromedan StarSeed , 19 April 2012 · 383 views

Today Iím going to give bits of Introduction of my knowledge and connections that linked with Andromedans history and blood line as well other things. Since not many others havenít spoken or has shared on the forums. Iím using the blog to put inspiring writings then having them on the forums here on UM, since I feel its best place to keep it here for those wanted to read in the blogs.

The history connection where it leads to my family lines of my race links with in Lyran system as well as many others that share similar genetic profile coding as distances cousins that are else where with in star system. Back then many others have colonized livable planets and start the process of growth as well as agricultural in nature and etc. Some point with in some areas in Lyran system many others has started Black League known as (The Black Dragon). Even though were not service one self for many reasons and make sure none donít fall too far behind its more as family thing or how itís treated over there. Alpha Draconis approached planet named Bila with in Lyran system out of blue and saw abundance of food and natural resources and they wanted to control it for them selves. At the time few Lyrans came up and wanted to know more about Draconians since they havenít seen them before, they do any kind of assistance to be offered what is being asked. There was a mis-communication due to some language barrier and Draconians has taken it as a refusal, so they destroyed three out of fourteen planets with in Lyran system that is named Bila, Teka and Merck.

More to be continuedÖ.

Ever Learning
Jun 12 2012 05:35 PM
Where did you get this information? and why do you think it is reliable? can you message me the answer.
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Andromedan StarSeed
Jun 12 2012 06:23 PM
Over the years I have remembered many things that come to me usely has a trigger effect brings these old rememberies and I have talked about many things then and there from my past lives. That are intertie in this life time and so forth. they are  bit of old connections and its there for a reason to remember or tlaked about. I'm one of the old souls also a hybrid, that remember the reliables and its  values.
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