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Part two introduction inspiring connections

Posted by Andromedan StarSeed , 22 April 2012 · 660 views

21 generations left with in Bila, Teka and Merck due to its not live able any more due to Alpha Draconians destroyed the resources on those three planets. Not any good after whatís was done and they had to live on the craft and moving around all the time to find a place that is safe. Many of those generations went to other systems and settled down on many different planets with in solar systems that are live able and became aware of other civilizations and their different cultures and sources where a lot different then their belief systems once they had, some cases beliefs has clashed or spread thought out. There are some disagreements and conflicts, but they where always cleared up and resolved after and let go and moved on. As the elders once said about these records of history is mostly mixed with in mankind and others ages ago.They where part of Lyran language heritage or it has spread out though out in to many heritages and cultures that has passed it on and changed it over the years.

Some of Lyrans did colonize Earth for awhile and mixed with human beings some pointin time and larger group of them went to Pleaides during the Orion had wars that have been going on for awhile. Pleiadians is one of far distant cousins to few races as well as the forefathers to some races. The scripts of texts where developed on earth some point in time and given. It once carries back to the original ones from Lyran language, even though Earths languages where once mixed ancient Pre-Sumerian language that is called (Tamil) that used to be spoken in Lyra and Pleaides some point of time. Now in days Tamil isnít spoken any more mostly people look at it as Sumerian language and forgotten where the roots once came form since the pre-dated records where lost or kept hidden cant be read since it was an forgotten language.

More to be Continue..

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