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A Big Step...

Posted by karmakazi , 03 August 2012 · 398 views

A few years ago, I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment by myself, with:

1 couch
1 loveseat
1 papasan chair
1 lounge chair
1 entertainment center
2 bookcases
1 dinette set
1 room divider
3 desks
1 sewing table
1 freestanding wardrobe
1 coffee table
1 end table
1 night stand
1 bed
1 vanity
1 metal kitchen cart
1 chair (for computer desk)
1 freestanding cabinet
1 wing chair

Wow.  I just have to reflect for a moment on how much furniture that is for one person!  My apartment didn't look full, the amount of furniture mostly was "just right" for it to look balanced.  A couple of the pieces were on the balcony rather than in the apartment too.

To continue,  I rather suddenly had to vacate that apartment and move in with a relative temporarily due to a change in my financial situation, so about half the furniture ended up going into a storage shed along with many boxes of stuff.  It's been almost exactly two years, and in that time I've pulled a few things out of the shed (and added a few).  It's obvious I did not need anything which is currently in the shed.  The one exception may be my sewing machine... it is only in there because I had no reason to sew for the last few years, but normally I do sew pretty regularly.  I'm not keeping this particular machine because it was cheap and never very good, and there's no sense hauling it all the way to Arizona only to replace it with a better model within a year or two.

The storage shed has felt like a lead weight around my neck these past few years, trying to figure out if I should go through everything or wondering what was in there, wanting to sell some of the stuff, and in general it stressed me out knowing that I was paying rent every month for 400 cubic feet of stuff that I did not need.

I'm very excited to say that this weekend it all goes away!  I have someone who is going to help empty the shed tomorrow and is taking most things with them, and I honestly don't care if they use the stuff, donate it, sell it, or whatever.  As of that moment, the only things I own are those in my apartment...

Speaking of which, those things have been steadily going away as well.  A big pile left about a week and a half ago, and this weekend I have outlined plans to empty my closet and only put back the things I actually wear, and to dig into my art supplies again to pull more donate/trashable items out of there.

This is all extra good news too, because it looks like transporting the cats is going to take up more of the space in the car than I had thought.  The amount of space for transporting posessions may be 1/2 of what I originally planned for... that means just clothing, art, computers and cats will fit and anything else needs to be shipped... eek!   Thank god for USPS flat rate boxes...

Needless to say, I'm very excited for this weekend... and it kicks off tonight with a nice dinner with my BF... which he doesn't know yet because I was planning on surprising him :D

Hope all of UM have great weekends too!

Good luck!
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