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Basic Mechanics of Astrology

Posted by Mikko-kun , 20 May 2012 · 1,008 views

What I will tell you will be different depending on which school of astrology you ask, but most of them have the same basics. I'll approach this like a scientist would analyze a rock, not an approach astrologists favor, but it should be an easy-to-understand view.

Astrology is connected to a system to read time. Our ancestors used stars and planets as calendars, and from there you can probably see where astrology has come from: new moon tides and so on. So my opinion in this is, you might as well use a better system of measuring timelines between events and finding certain cycles that repeat themselves in any manner. On the other hand though, if planetary movements, relations and such do appear to be happening at similiar times with how our birth-potentials are given, who am I to deny that connection.
It's all about finding the same event or characteristic repeating itself in a time pattern we can determine. So, you might want to consider astrology also as a format of measuring time before reading further, to remember that it's all tied in time between two or more things you study.

**Notice: this green part is just to consolidate those who feel bad about their birth charts, thinking "I dont wanna be a libra/scorpio/aries/whatever". Feel free to skip if you dont feel this way, even though if you're looking for insight in astrology you might find something you seek from it.**
A word of encouragement: astrology is not written in stone, so if you find astrology so far credible in any way and find something you consider negative about your birthmap, remember that it's just your potential there, and every human being is basically capable of all four aspects described by Jung (the famous physchologist frontier). His teachings are in fact widely applied to astrology. Astrology is most often, or most reliably, to tell a person's POTENTIAL, not how a person must be because of birth chart. No matter what potential you have, it's entirely up to you how you use it. And because we talk about potential here, not how hard you may have trained and strived in your life to become a person you saw to be a good person, which is all your own choise, you have no reason to feel down if your birth chart isn't the one you dream of. Every birth chart has potential, because every birth chart has the same basics. They just lie in different places to begin with. And your potential isn't the only thing you can train and develop.

First, I give you the usual basics for most astrologists, used to more accurate pinpointing and separate things, which needs to be done in order to form more accurate whole picture.
  • Twelve (12) constellations, star patterns. Virgo, Leo, Cancer, so on.. if you think the whole astrology as a clock, then these would be the twelve numbers there. They describe the "how", the innate way we express things, the innate way we take things. Certain things, not just any things, even though everything is tied together better than what I can or will explain in this entry.
  • Planets, sun and moons included. These tell the "what". Sun tells of your core, your spiritual or soul's or mental fuel (since there's probably religious and atheist folk reading this and some people are not comfortable with the idea of soul or spirit, this is easier to understand then). It's said to be something we always carry with us. Moon is the needs, venus desires, mars our actions, which means how we attain our desires (venus). And so on. Every planet tells about an aspect each of us has.
  • Time of the day when we were born, as well as location on earth. I didn't manage to explain this complex in any simplier way, because it's crucial you understand the basic concept of houses if you want to understand why astrologists consider this factor important. So, this determines whether the planets were on the other side of the earth or in the sky that was open on our side of the earth at that time. This determines where we faced this star-clock from the earth when we were born. I faced the leo constellation.
    Birthtime-and place is regarded as a significant factor, because it determines at least the house system, the "where". It determines the 12 houses, divides the clock of twelve constellations to 12 sides of our life. The 12 slices aren't always equal, it depends on which house system (and astrology school) you apply, and that alters the meaning always, even though they talk about the same things. The easiest way I know how to explain the house concept is to tell in short what each house means, so here:

    1. House - Birth, waking up, the you in "you and new people" axis, or 1h-7h axis.
    2. House - Establishing, forming a base of sorts for your self.
    3. House - Learning. What you learn in school and life, learning of more basic stuff.
    4. House - Belonging. What you do to make your home Your Home, how you feel at home and so on.
    5. House - Free time. Having fun, recharging your batteries and so on. What's your fun.
    6. House - Devotion. Committing yourself to service for something, etc.
    Those were the first 6 houses. To define a house better, you should look at it's opposite house, because it tells of the opposite it support or is supported, or a symbiotic relationship. Houses 1 and 7, 2 and 8 and so on are opposite to each others, just like when you look at an analog clock 1 is opposite 7 and so on. Opposite houses:
    7. House - Social relations, crushed, small quarrels maybe...
    8. House - Love (often different from crush, in many ways), death, sex etc.. deep stuff.
    9. House - Higher learning. Philosophies, being able to talk in "ramblings" and to understand them ;)
    10. House - Occupation. Work, job, your calling (like do you want to be a gardener or a humanitarian aid worker or a fireman etc to help the world), life philosophies and such.
    11. House - Friends.
    12. House - Dreams, time before birth, might also be drugs and pseudo-realities, etc.
    I'm not too inclined to use houses in as practical sense, as in more mental sense. I think they're better used like this for example: 4th house doesn't tell about how your home is, what kind of furnitures there are, but it tells what kind of place you feel more home at, and how you might be inclined to find your path in decorating your home to your liking. Not how you WILL decorate your home. The difference is the choises you have available in the first place, and your free will and things tied to 4th house and what lies there, in your birth chart, plus other things.
Those were the basics. If you want to grasp them well, you should go astro dot com to read the basics, I've red them there and half of this text is from there, half is from my own intuition about what I've studied.

If you want to know which cycle is said to add which characteristics to us, and so on, study first the "how" so you know what is the description of each planet in their places, study the signs. Then study the "what" so you know what particular feature you want to determine. Sun, our soul's core, isn't the only thing by far you can determine. Study the planets. I'm somewhat hesitant with the houses, at least partly because I've not studied them yet as much as I'd like, but it's worth it to get to properly known with their concept at least, that much I can say. What I wrote doesn't even qualify as "scratching the surface".

Now you know however, the base mechanics. One more thing I mention, concerning my probably next entry in this blog: Rulers. Every planet has a sign or two ruling them, and every house has it's own native ruler. Rulers are tied to base mechanics, as astrology studies not only single planets residing in a single house and sign, but the connection of two planets residing in same or different place. Rulers connect in their way. For example, if your 5th house starts in pisces and you also have sun there, then you might find yourself looking to work (10th house) in more spiritual areas, or sleep at work, or helping alcholics rehabilitate (all pisces themes). This is because sun's ruler sign is leo, which is probably the sign you have in your 10th house if you have pisces in 5th, and thus 5th house might step into the picture when talking about your 10th house. Or it might not, if that part of life hasn't been opened to you, which isn't all that unusual. Signs may express themselves in various ways to begin with, it depends much on what they are tied to in your birth chart, but I believe much in your own choises, and much on the pressure of your surroundings, whether you choose to obey your authority figures or resist them or shrug them off... often they still affect your life one way or another. However, my example wasn't probably very realistic, since pisces and leo don't get along as easily as other signs, in general. But if you can understand the soul life of that sign, it helps.

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