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Most Common Misunderstandings about Horoscopes

Posted by Mikko-kun , 24 May 2012 · 1,074 views

astrology horoscope misconcept
Since I got a habit of trying to explain the bottom of things to the core so that, even if I'd be mistaken in my assumptions, at least I'd been sincere. Now I'm going to give you two versions of this. First is the "plain language version", something everyone should understand. Then if something about that version bothers you, read the not-so-simple version below the first one. If you dont get what's going on in that version, you might need a bit of a background research, I'll give you links on the lowest part of this entry for that. There's at least two horoscope calculation sites which should be interesting and easy examples for anyone interested in this. Just dont expect to be handled all the catches of astrology to be handed on a silver platter, because offering them in simpler form is hard for a beginner like myself.

Simple version
There's not much point in saying "I'm libra/scorpio/whatever", because you're not just one sign. It's not just a matter of where sun was when you were born, but where all the other planets and moons were. And your sign doesn't define you, your own actions and choises define you. Your horoscope tells about your potentials, not about do you use chopsticks, fork or spoon to eat, or are you a fireman, secretary, a homeless person or USA president. Well, the real professional astrologists may be able to tell those things too, but I know they too miss in that field more or less. It's easier to misstell an event than misstelling about how your mental side works and how you can open yourself up more, mentally. Horoscopes can be used to help you face yourself, open yourself, guide you, but it's always you who takes the steps on the path of life, and you who chooses the road when you're in a crossroads. It's always you who's gonna have to work out to get stronger.

Complex version
It's not usually in my nature to clear misconceptions, but since there seems to be a constant trend of taking these things the wrong way, on both sceptic and believer camps. Who am I to say you are wrong? No one, but I can point out things about horoscopes that have been researched and reformed to match the times and both current and past concepts for a longer time than christianity has been on earth, at least twice longer time in fact. So when you see a horoscope description, it may be made by someone who doesn't tell you the whole truth you should know about horoscopes if you rely on horoscopes or want to form at least a half-serious argument against them.
I'll address two main misconceptions below: the misconception of sun sign, and the misconception of how any sign affects your life. I address these two main points, because I was under these misunderstandings myself too, before starting to actually study astrology.

Everybody knows their sign
But we all have all the twelve signs, that's a thing most people dont seem to know. The sign descriptions themselves are usually good, that's not the point. The point is, when someone says "my sign is xxx", they usually mean just their sun sign. Sun sign is an important sign in astrology, but it really doesn't define the whole person, just the "core motor of spirit", of sorts, the spiritual/mental fuel you run with. What parts of you it doesn't define (not sun alone at the very least):
  • Your desires of all manner.
  • Your actions, the ways you act in order to get your desires.
  • Your needs, how you act based on your more earthly needs.
  • The positive and the negative attitute sides of you, both of them.
  • Sun sign also isn't the ruling definer of every aspect of your life. When I say this, take notice to the word "life", and divide it into birth, work, learning, home, human relations, deep human relations, the you who serves others, your dreams... sun sign may define usually only one to three of those kind of factors. And yes, neptune is the one defining our dreams.
So in short, the sun sign only tells about a part of you, not the whole you. The whole you is far bigger and complex than your sun sign, but it's up to you whether you search for your complex nature and accept it, or choose to not do so. It's our natal, progressed, and other charts that give a far more complete picture of us than just the sun sign. Astrology is a layer-based system, a cake of many layers and fillings you could say. Fillings and layers are all connected to each other, forming a complete you.

Your sign defines you
Lets assume that we've become aware of the first misconception about astrology, now the next big one is, how astrology affects your life. How your signs and planets affect you. Do they order you around and are they the fate of yours written in stars? In a sense, yes... but your fate is up to you, that's the belief of most of the prominent astrologers of today, western astrologers at least.
Signs and planets tell where the emphasis on our potential and growth is, but every human being has capability to grow in every sign's way. Every human being can become a scorpio-like or libra-like or both, but the difference is most either choose to "be what they are" and act according to their potentials, or act on the opposite of their potentials because of usually external things, like pressure of your surroundings.

Signs can be divided to three and four schools at least: leader, one who stays, and one who's on the move. Every sign has basically one of those three qualities emphasised. Also, every sign has also one of these four qualities: logic, emotions, sensations (senses of taste, smell, touch etc, physical stuff), intuition. But, every human being has potential to develop themselves in all those areas. The horoscopes just tell which area is easier for each one of us, which area may come out more naturally, birth-given in a sense.
So, your signs and planets don't define your path of life, since you make your own choises, and you can be a nobody or the next megalomaniac mass murderer-torturer or someone who brings much-longed-for tools for other people to develop themselves as human beings. You can be indefinitely neutral, good or evil no matter what kind of stars you were born under. You may just find being more stubborn or loyal or ambitious or anything, to come easier for you.

The last thing, stand on your own feet instead of standing behind astrology. Dont use astrology as an excuse, it's you who makes your self manifest, it's you who think for yourself. You dont need astrology to be yourself, but I use it, to help find new things about myself. Things I can't find if I dont live my life out there.

(notice that I link two horoscope calculator pages below, in them you see that some pages separate the moon and sun horoscope. But there's also mercury, venus, mars etc etc horoscopes, and add all those together with an ascendant and houses and you get your very first chart. You do nothing with your birth chart if you can't interpret it, so studying basics is a must. It's a hard way of determining whether astrology works or not, a simpler way would be to study the source of why astrology is believed to work, the supposed-to-be universal energy, but to understand the ebb and flow of that energy, or how it's claimed to be by astrology, you should study astrology or wait till someone gives you a simpler answer about these things... I'll try do that too once I've studied more of this. So if someone red this far, please ask if there's something about this I might be able to clear up in the future.)
http://www.thebookof...druid-horoscope - horoscope calculator pages. I linked these calculators so you could get a good example of the basics (and of how you can simplify things), and of how much there is to study really, if you think that some of these cultures have actually elaborate systems behind such simple-sounding horoscopes.
http://www.starnosta...strology-Chart/ - calculator to show what you are in horoscopes of different cultures.
http://www.astro.com...y/in_info_e.htm - look for three first parts and skip the rest unless you want to dwell deeper to single concepts. This link should take you to "Understanding Astrology, which is below the headline "Everything About Astrology".
http://www.astro.com/mtp/mtp0_e.htm - good knowledge of the basics, a bit deeper level than the "Understanding Astrology" part.

well my point of view is true that the astrology no said the completely the personality but is a base of the personality
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That's true. It's said that you carry it everywhere. Sun has increased meaning if you have leo on your ascendant (1st house cusp), because sun is the ruler of leo: then it can have increased effect on 1st house too even if it isn't there. I just see a lot of stuff in the net about associating sun sign with sexual stuff and other things it may not be related to in everyone's chart, not so directly at least. It doesn't necessarily have the major influence on every part of your life even if it may be a part of you in all areas of life.

I have mercury conjuncting sun in scorpio (5-7 degree orb), and leo 1st house making the effect probably stronger and applying it to 1st-7th house axis of you - human relationships. I think that conjunction has manifested as a trouble to take objective things objectively. You may consider scorpio a good sign, but we can be pretty stubborn (depending on which end of the sign our sun is in, and mine is on the stubborn chinese pig month end, and yeah, I've always been stubborn). I see these kind of things as two-edged swords: you can hurt yourself and everyone around with that when you use it, but it can be a good weapon too... if you dont use it as a weapon at least :P

edit: if you think astrology works, you should check where your moon's node is (true or mean node, shouldn't make much of a difference from what little I've red so far). What house it's in is important, also it's aspects to other planet may be important. North node is said to tell about your calling in life, about things where you tend to act more unselfishly. I can't explain the technical point where North node is very well, you'll find a better explanation and a chart generator at www.astro.com . I say this because it's probably the most worthwhile thing I've discovered about astrology so far. It's the connecting point with sun and moon, either the dark moon or eclipse, dont remember which one.
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