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Some food for thought

Posted by Mikko-kun , 23 August 2012 · 597 views

Notice: There's some concepts in this entry that I dont expect anyone new to astrology to be familiar with, so I add their explanations in a comment to this.

It's been four months since I started studying astrology, educative four months to me. During that relatively short time I've given readings for about twenty people regarding things about their life or themselves, and red some main pointers of different styles and techniques, of which the most recent two are arabic parts and other points of interest in one's chart, and harmonics. Before that, I did an initial study to sabians and the like, which would be the 360th harmonic, as there are 360 different parts of them in zodiac. That part is simple, but how did they come up with them in the first place is the million-dollar question. Not their history, but what techniques, mindsets and so on did they use there that exactly led them to invent such interpretations. This is an invaluable question to researchers of harmonics, as there's yet much unmapped or not-so-well-known ground there.

And that, is just the beginning. Even if one did master the way of inventing zodiacs in a level sufficient to sift through any harmonic of choise, there's still the matter of developing a way to invent more modern versions of arabic parts and other points of interest, as well as to invent completely new points out of those. And to do that by not only using the more traditional planets, but also chiron, lilith, asteroids and whatever you can think of. To do that, you'd be well-adviced to first get to known to them and their basic functions.

Do you think that's it? Oh no. Then there's the matter of which zodiac settings you use, or rather, how. There's at least four alternatives: tropical (the most common in western astrology), sidereal, draconic or heliocentric, of which you can use at least tropical or sidereal version. Dont fool yourself to think that just one of them is the correct one, even if that's the case. They're all representatives of the same thing, of how the sky looked at that moment.

And a word about predictive astrology too. I've noticed it to relate to psychological one.

My mate suggested me to go gaze the stars through a telescope since I've consumed myself to this extent at astrology, but I didnt, because it's easier for me to read the charts than from the sky itself. But there's insight to be gained from such activity.

Zodiac: word's from Greece or latin, can't remember exactly but there. Animal circle. Animals on the circle are constellations that were said to look like animals. The function of any zodiac in astrology is to be a map on which the planets lie. To do this, zodiac is divided to pieces, most commonly but not always, to twelwe equal parts, which each have both unique and similiar descriptions.

Sabians are a system developed in the early last century, and there's been many earlier versions of it. It simply divides the zodiac to 360 degrees and gives each degree an unique description.

Arabic part: since ascendant is used to calculate most arabic parts and alikes, I'll tell about it too. It's a point in horizon of the spesific place on earth (or mars or moon if you wish to do a horary for someone or something that's there) which is related to sun. Earth's ascendant makes a full circle through zodiac in 24 hours or however long it takes for earth to spin itself back to the position it was in, related to sun. Arabic part is counted by first determining a certain point in chart, almost always ascendant, and then adding the distance between two (most usually) other determined points which are most commonly planets, but there are plenty of other things used too.

Harmonic: the idea that every aspect bears a meaning. Aspect is a certain distance in degrees, which is believed to bear a meaning in astrology. Usually planets or other parts in chart are said to form an aspect even though it's extremely rare to see a very exact aspect in one's birthchart. The deviation between the measured degredal distance and the actual aspect is called orb. In western astrology, there's been traditionally only a little amount of aspects that were considered, but in harmonics everything can be aspected.
Harmonic means an aspect that is gotten by dividing the zodiac to an X amount of parts, where X is a whole number, a number without decimals.

Different zodiacs: tropical zodiac is formed by putting cusp (starting point) of Aries the war-goat to spring equinox. Sidereal zodiac is the zodiac as it is in the sky, except that the signs are (usually) equal and only twelwe signs are (usually) used. Heliocentric is the sun-centered drawing style which is far less common, and the most common is geocentric. All the drawing styles have their own meaning, their own piece which locks in the puzzle that is us and everything.
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