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Just a few words...

Posted by Mikko-kun , 29 December 2012 · 545 views

yeah right...
Uhh, merry christmas and happy new year and chinese new year, which is still a month or so away, it varies in our calendar. I spent a less materialistic christmas, no presents, made that sure by not leaving my house for the whole week. Bloody clever. But it's the winter vacation, dont blame me. We finnish are bit more introverted a people than most, a good excuse too. Visiting friends would be fun but better let them spend a peaceful christmas. At least I had rats keep me company, lil furballs. I hope everyone's gonna have a healthy holiday season.

If you ask me, the world's been all messed up for pretty long now. I dont mean just the obvious: wars, division of property... it's the way we use and treat nature, and each other too. I got a very great plan to make it better that'll pretty surely work as soon as I can get the remaining 70k euros or so... how hard can that be? Got a job and everything. Whats the use you might ask, when you dont know if a meteor would come here or if they'd draft you to some war or anything more... mundane. Could just enjoy the rest of your life instead. But my plan is to make a better life for myself too with the money once it's ready. So saving a bit for some years shouldn't be a problem... nothing prevents you from going to bars and not drinking much when you look for company (traditional mating method for finnish monkey species I represent, along with the net dating). If you think of it, there shouldn't really be any problem to get a partner... it's not that hard here, as long as you're not idiot enough to turn them away without realising. I got a talent for that, been working it out though... sheez :) aint no relationship coucelor.

Might as well write something about astrology too. Year of the water dragon passed, I heard it was supposed to gonna be a decent year, cant complain I guess. Somewhere between january and february we'll be entering the year of the water snake, not a bad time to take care of your monetary businesses. For love, maybe not the best possible year, but months, days, even hours vary. Month of the snake might be the most lucrative time for monetary things in general, though you should check your chart if you're planning something life-changing, for the best results. Month of the snake is around 10.may - 10th june, depending when the chinese new year starts this year. Dont mix it with the month of the goat, might be bad for business, even in the snake month... water symbolizes wisdom in chinese astrology, it's planet being mercury which is "communication" in the western system. Giving value to both meanings is the safe way, different words, different cultures, both not wrong in my view.

Right. Drive safe!

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