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How do we learn?

Posted by Mikko-kun , 05 February 2013 · 387 views

I'm studying for learning. I'm learning from studying my experiences... but where does it all lead to? What's the end of the road? If I just keep going the road everyone accepts, accepting every limitation, I will not likely arrive as far as I could by rebelling. That's because I'm not a psychic in my standards at least, can't see ghosts nor even auras, can't discern an object's history by touching it, no lucid dreaming even though my dream-control has increased of late... nothing to be mentioned.

So how did I rebel in astrology? I reduced it to the level of tea-leaf reading, in the words of someone who critisized me, and welcomed those words because they were true. But I still continued my way. I make a fool of myself again and again by trying out different techniques if they'd work, did that for a while. After that while I had developed a little better nose for what worked and what didn't, and retreated to study alone, no internet or anything for half years, just the necessity for paying bills and such. It did a lot of good for me, and I plan to do it again unless I can sustain the research while being here.

If you dont cross borders in astrology, you can only get so far. But to know what borders are good to be crossed, and more importantly, to know what you're actually doing when you cross some borders, is what can take you there. For that, you need to learn the basics so well you can relate them to your personal life and to lives of others with greater fluency. It goes beyond the level of guessing people's sun signs, I'm not even so good at that anymore for some reason. Maybe it's because I see a lot of other stuff and can't always tell a difference outright. One good trick is to learn to know what stuff you see better. What certain planets or houses you can relate to better in your or others' lives is good. It's usually planets which have more influence in your chart and your life. For me it's Pluto.
It's a heavy planet and I've gotten a feeling that most people fear it and it's influence. It basically drags you through a personal hell until you let go of what holds you back. The more you resist, the more pain it brings. That kind of helps you to pinpoint the issue, though. I've gotten a feeling that many people dont like that planet, or didn't like it, but it seems like that's changing. I gotta admit I didn't like it much either when I had the worst of it, but I like it. It heals you, in a deep level, bringing you lightness and a feel of some part that once died in you, is alive again. You dont know what kind of tears of joy it brings until you're there. It can heal you in the deeper psychological level, because it wants to remove whatever holds you back in that level. It doesn't care how much you appreciate your hold-back in any more superficial level, it just sees what it does. And the animal in you wont stay quiet until you either deal with it or become too deaf to it's noise to remember. It's never too late to let got, but it becomes harder to point it out the more you delay. After years you can only guess, even if it'd be obvious for anyone else if they studied you. Friends can be good at pointing stuff like that out, if you only listen to them.

Everybody have their own way of doing astrology and that's fine, but I've found that even though you're a beginner, it's easier to handle stuff in astrology when you've handled it first on a personal level. Most of us have handled everything there is on a personal level, even younger people often have. It's just a matter of finding those things and whether you can relate to them. The best thing to do is keep it level-headed but still break the borders, respect what others say in it's true meaning but still find your own way. People just like to box things up and astrology is a perfect way to do that, but I believe there's no real boxes there in the celestial playground, just things we put our conceptual boxes upon. The conceptual boxes are extremely good in getting the hang of it, and it's good to learn through them. But like for most of us there comes a time when you let go of your parents and go on your own, there also comes a time when you reach beyond, or break those boxes and start building your own ones. When there's more boxes, you might get a better feeling of the whole, compared to there being only a two or three of them for some.

I've written some stuff like I'd actually know something before, and truth be told, although I did, got too caught up there... hurts your writing when you're like that. Should use more delete, but so what. Life is like this for me: grill, eat, love, have fun, work, study, relax... simple. It's no problem if you make mistakes there, just apologize if you need to and say something nice. :D You can't live if you're too afraid to die. Being afraid is good, it keeps you from being stupid, and it gives extra excitement. You can't teach anyone if you can't teach yourself first. But more than teaching, it's more about leaving something good for people who come after me, and exploring. Probing into the depths of the unknown from here. Guess I should try deep sea diving sometime, been always a bit dodgy about diving deep in lakes, can't see well there and you know... it's cold and all, nobody seeing you so you dont get to show off. Sheez...

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