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Posted by Mikko-kun , 03 April 2013 · 380 views

I've always held a mindset where understanding is a key to solve problems, problems with other people or something you gotta solve or do. A certain insight which allows you to look over them. But what has it given me? No earthly things for sure. Maybe I've found a better, healthier worldview and a way to take life, but there's two things it hasn't given me. One is material well-being: do astrology readings, discuss with people, support them, whatever.. friends are good, and I wouldn't want to make money with it, but the monetary situation hasn't been good exactly. In my case I've actually given a lot of money away as a result of my world-view, and dont really regret it or anything, would do it again because you'd be hard-pressed to see the ultimate consequences of those things, even if you can throw very accurate guesses of the more immediate and material consequences. The people might buy some good stuff with the money I given, might help themselves to get a hold of a job or something, or just spend it all away, and I try to think beyond just that more immediate consequence: does it help them to learn anything from life? Will me some day stopping to give them money give them a healthy wakeup call and a good constrast to how they see life? It's not a question that asks answering, but insight.

That is one place where I realise that understanding can help create some healthy views, even if it might be the delayed sort of one. Only understanding brings you so far, though. You need to be decisive when you do what really matters, and suffer the offsets. It's not so much about making compromises as it is about suffering the offsets. Compromise doesn't have to be a satisfying thing to begin with, but a thing which is give-and-take. The understanding there doesn't have to be the kind of where you reach a peace and a feeling of softness and agreement, but it can be a thing where you just see eye-to-eye about exchanging the offsets and onsets. Like enemies would see eye-to-eye when facing each other in movies, both know it's a fateful confrontation and neither wants to back down. But you dont need the drama and elevation there, enjoying what you do is enough, even if it's a kind of perverse form of enjoyment, inflicting pain and hardship upon yourself. Those things are just indicators of you being alive and struggling anyhow, and it's struggling that can make us both stronger and more aware of what's a good road in life.

I started studying astrology because I believe that if we reach a common ground in understanding, we're more prepared to exchange thoughts, more prepared for an actual dialoque where you give from yourself and take in from other, not in a controlling, but in a recognicing fashion. It's not necessarily peace I want to bring through there or any other utopistic thought, because I dont believe in utopia. Not the nice kind of utopia at least... I believe there'll always be darkness and things people can call detrimental, malicious, evil, harmful and whatnot in this world, things like death. But it's those things that create contrast, act as catalysts for changes, and clear way for new things.

But as much as these things can do good, it's good to let go of those things too once in a while and just relax and be comfortable with the status quo. Breaking things is a nice exercise, but it's also nice to rest after that exercise with maybe a hot cup of chocolate and a nice cozy seat on your living room, happens to be the same room I sleep and eat in heh. Should make a separate space for separate things, but what you do, basic thing in feng shui. That's another compromise there, another way of contending with the status quo.

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