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The best part about astrology

Posted by Mikko-kun , 24 May 2013 · 530 views

Can you prove astrology doesn't have any value? Maybe you can show faults in certain styles, maybe you can find logical fallacies, I see them everywhere in astrology. They're so obvious you'd have to be stupid to not get them, really. I mean, just 12 signs and that's that? Just the big planets in our solar system and that's that? Really, what do you base that on? I'm just as much a sceptic as the most hard-core sceptics on this forum when it comes to believing that kind of astrology... but I'm still respectful to people who believe in that astrology usually. This is an exception, so sorry people, that's just how I've felt all this time,

You know it took me some discipline, restraint and looking through things to fit into community of much astrologers who think like that about some part there, while I have my own stuff, and try not to insult people. It's still like that often. But I like that community because you can still find those astrologers I disagree with on these basic things say some very good and educational stuff, something with great insights. Though the ones who enforce their beliefs, I tend to ignore them more, but even they have insights at times... they'd do themselves a favor by being less adamant about it. "Juno is just an asteroid, ignore it" or "septiles are meaningless"... pffft. Hehe... they're wrong in the end in my view, and that's not what matters but that we both can hold onto our ways of doing astrology.

Why, you ask. You might think it makes no sense to have different schools of astrology with so fundamental differences. But they can work parallel, letting each others exist, because they're interlocking, fitting together... just that in my school of thought you use all the celestial bodies you feel like using, ones you have some clue of or at the very least think you do and think you can relate to them in more real way. That's the important part. You can make mistakes there and that why we get together as a community and compare each other's experiences and try to see what's what. That's the part I like.

But what really strikes me is how it's an endless frontier of exploring new things, like the last frontier, and that everyone's invited to explore it. No restrictions apart from what resonates with life. If you just blow some hot steam out of our rear, people notice it. Feel free to come and try ;) sooner or later it'll always get fixed up.

But its really all the little asteroids and dwarf planets and centaurs and all those, and all the odd aspects and little things many astrologers dont seem to use, things that probably have an effect though, that really keep me going. Whenever you find something new there it's like a new gold mine... ticks your explorer senses. You become a child again. Even though the subjects can be heavy... people losing their family members, lots of stories about bad exes or you being bad to exes, hard lives, you name it, it's all there... even I dont dare touch some subjects there because I dont want to risk hurting people, and that says a lot. So sore subjects you handle, and we dont even use astrology a lot of time for those, not only astrology. Just common sense or life-experiences and support. I think one sign of a more matured or experienced astrologer is that you dont try to solve everything with astrology, not at least if you dont feel like it's the thing and you could just use something else. For example, I can probably explain off why you'd have a bad hair through astrology, through a bad moon placement for example, but that's just one thing... you can heal bad hair with hair conditioning and a proper diet too, and not taking too many showers compared to how often you use hair conditioning. You know how they say how stress can make you bald, so I can use astrology because through there you can see ways to prevent yourself from getting stressed, but that's not the only thing. Maybe with more advanced knowledge of astrology and some insight on food and nutrient astrology (dont see anyone except the chinese doing that yet, not much at least) you could probably tell more about those kind of things.

And it's not just those and the exploring things of new planets and angles and such, but also the discovery of new dimensions to astrology. I've discovered the link between mind and body existing there, but there's more levels to discover. The pattern of what's behind your behavior, your thought-self, dont know what to call it, but that. Like psychologically magnetic things between which you navigate, the way you navigate between them.. I know it sounds pretty abstract but finding more practical words is also a challenge, especially when you talk about that kinda things. But it's more worth it if you can do it, you can get more out of it then.

Anyhow, sum all that up and you get what's best for me about astrology. Dont know if you can lump all that to a single word or a single thing, but there.

And whenever you learn something new, trying to take anyone's, especially your teacher's words too literally instead of deriving your own meanings of them, that's the biggest mistake I think anyone can make, especially with astrology. Thinking with your own brain is a very very valuable thing, and that's what you need to do: form your own concepts and your own ideas about things. Because the best stuff comes from your own head and life.
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Astrology, I believe in it. I am a Leo and it's a fire sign, Month of August 19th born 1980.
My husband is April 14th of 1968 he is a Aries another Fire sign, Both in control but yet wild.
See its not fate not coincidence, it's case we are soulmates cause of our fire signs, due to Astrology :)

I hope you understand what I write
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