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Road to hell...

Posted by Mikko-kun , 03 May 2012 · 699 views

I hear many people talking about fighting for the good cause. This may be a very poisonous thing. I don't regard fighting nor good causes poisonous, for fighting is what two equally strong forces do when they decide who eats who. But for a long time now, we haven't fought each other in order to eat each other, in fact we detest cannibalism and live in abundance of food. So what is this good cause you fight for? The cause...

Buddhist view and the cause. They believe everything is self-meaningful. I believe so too. But, take this one step further, think of it as time-continuum, not as a static thing. Think about movements having causes. Movements, movement patterns, certain type of movements. I like to think like buddhists in this, that everything's reason is not external. I exist for me existing. I move my fingers for them moving, form thoughts and convey them to letters through many movements. See, there's already so many linked causes in such a relatively short action. This allows one to realise more from the pattern. It doesn't mean you couldn't plan things or be systematic, but it means every moment you live is ment for living. Every moment you be here is ment for being here. Not for dozing off, even if we do rest our bodies and souls, I even more. Some call it sloth, I call it loading batteries. :santa:

For a long time I used to think that those who wage wars when they say they protect their homes or pride or anything, I believed they missed the point here. And it may be so, but perhaps not in the meaning I thought. Certainly, some may genuinely believe they fight to protect something when attacking, but a raised fist in itself is always a start of agression, not a continuum. You may argue me with this with "but I would die if I wouldn't fight back", to which I say "yes, that's true". But then it's no longer protecting you do but fighting. But what if you simply deflect the attacks, without (seriously) harming the attacker? That would be...? I'd say protecting. What if you disable the attacker without causing harm? That would also be a sort of protection. But when you raise a fist, you show that it's the only form of protection you have left, at most. But there's a deeper meaning in it if you agree with fist being part of protection. It means you accept hate in your heart. It is the road to hell, I believe. Not that I believe in hell, but I believe that is not the road we should take.
Notice that I was not talking about situations when you're the underdog, the one who'se tribe will either fight or perish altogether. Since all animals, including us, devour each others in order to keep living themselves, that is an exception.

I think we should duke it out and fight if we feel that way and find others who feel the same and so on... it can be a good thing, even though you should always appreciate and respect life. So one should respect other living being's spirit and soul. Fight doesn't have to mean death... we die anyways one day so why hurry. Fearing pain and hardships is pointless, living every moment is not. Looks like I've still a long way ahead of me... not sure on which plane, but at least there's still much to walk. That why I keep looking ahead, to see where the road to hell is, and stay on the other road.

Life is a link of choises you make. No matter how short or long life, no matter how much pain or pleasure, they're still your choises. Your soul becomes lighter once you realise this, allowing to live longer because your soul can carry all the lives it took to have it's physical body see another day. I don't see it as something we should feel a deep grieveful apologizing wail for, but something we should come to realise. To realise that, despite taking lives to survive, we may still remember our own relationship to death and feel an empathy, a warmer and kinder "forgive me and thanks" -feeling for those who'se life we took, to respect them by realising what their stance was in this life's survival struggle. I believe, not think but believe, strongly so, that we should allow those weaker than us, both humans and other forms of life, live more longer and more fulfilling lives if we're the ones upper in the survival chain, because making other living beings live prisoned lives is not the way... it does not give them a chance to be more than what they were. I think this chance should be given, even if it posed a potential threat to our survival as a race.

Why I bother writing this and not keep it in my head like usually? This serves as a good stepping stone for finding my own karma or whatever it is, and finding something that makes this life a life I want to live. A life my spirit says "yes" to. Even if it'd be painful, short life where I was mistreated, I refuse to stop looking for that something. True sloth is not slacking at work or not keeping your house clean although those aren't good things either, true sloth is not training your soul when it needs the most training.

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