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A Countryside Cabin

Posted by Mikko-kun , 08 March 2013 · 595 views

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Yeah... that's my dream, sort of. Maybe "the way I want to make the world a better place" would be more accurate. So how does setting up a little greenhouse and an eco-farm make this big world better? I dont know if it does really, that's a chance taken even if I completed the thing. But I wouldn't build it just anywhere, but here in Finland, into a country with relatively cold, snowy winters.

As an average, in this kind of climate we have better yield from a single crop than the mediterraneans have from even 3-4 crops, but they get those 3-4 crops a year where we here get only one or two at the very tops. Imagine if we could get the same amount of, or maybe even more crops a year than those in warmer climates. We wouldn't certainly run out of food, not that we do now either.

So what's so special in this? If you're not heard of permaculture, I'd recommend to get yourself acquinted, there's a few decent documentary films about it, the best in my opinion being "A Farm for the Future" with a female narrator with a soothing voice. I'll just say about it, that it's been tested all over the world, in different climates and so on, and the tests have been very positive. It's also an ancient system for some cultures which stopped using it for odd reasons (knowledge can get lost during history). You dont need anything artificial there, not in the basic settings at least, and the most artificial thing I'd need in my setting, in addition to a habitable house, would be a greenhouse that'd keep itself warm through winter by simply getting heat from nature and plants without relying on any artificial or harmful energy source. It's not an utopia there, but a tested case, Jerome Ostenkowski (the white house gardener from Rocky Mountains, maybe I spelled name wrong but yea) and some other folks have already done this, and it's gaining popularity. What I want to do, is show my countrymen and -women that it can be done here too, so the skeptics in this country can some day come watch my farm and take notes and copy the stuff and set up a thing like that of their own.

What good does that bring to the world? Well, clean food for one. No artificial fertilizer, the farming is very much based on the natural processes and nothing we humans add, except how we position and plant the veggies and let the animals roam there. That's about it, and the harvesting and odd little maintenance here and there, now and then. But it's all a fraction of the workload you'd do in a hayfarm or alike, you dont need plow or anything, just pick things up and that's it. People I talked about it have again and again reminded me of the realities of such endeavors, "you haven't done it before so there's all kinds of stuff you'll face, and things probably go wrong for you in a lot of ways" and yeah, they're probably right. Because it's a learning curve, so I'm going to go out there to pioneer it here, in this climate. And I say bring it. Bring me everything you got, trouble, I'm all yours.

Still a ways to go, a lot of money to make to get a property, a land and a house built.. but I got time too, and energy. And it's the trip there, it's not just about reaching your goal. When you have these kind of things in mind, it can be a "half-empty cup" feeling and pressure when you tell about these, but it's not like I owe this to anyone from this life at least. It just seems like something fun I could bet my life into... maybe gardening itself doesn't sound too exciting, but it can offer a very independent life if you get it started and all, compared to working for a company with regular hours. I've already got experience of growing both animals and plants so it's not like I'm a total novice either, also read a few things from that subject.

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