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Kicking back with bad habits

Posted by Mikko-kun , 10 June 2013 · 296 views

bad habits
Markdohle wrote something like this some time ago, pretty obscure but the guy's got tons of stuff here, can you blame me? Anyhow, now that I've had another lil' cool-off period I've started to notice a few things, again. Cool-off periods can do that thing. Anyhow, I noticed how I've used to reflect this and that on others instead of putting up with it myself. It's been kind of a hard lesson on me, because at one point in my life, and still on some areas, I used to just take in everything like a punching bag. Hold it all in, keep going and bite my teeth when I think no one's looking, even though they can always see because I've a Leo ascendant, gives your expressions away. But all you put up with has to pile up somewhere. You can't push anyone around forever. So I made the choise to change, and started "handling" problems instead.

"Handling", because I "handle" them instead of handling them, most of the time. Nothing's really over in this world, that's the funny thing. You never reach the finishing line in anything, even if you think you do. Even if you die, the crap you did in life still lingers like a bad smell after a wet night at local. Yeah, can't run from that sir. The crap just transcends like the five-star food in your bowel. Goes around, comes around.

But you can at least take the kind of attitute to it, like "oh well, yeah, it's just life you know, at least it hasn't beaten me yet heh". Something like that. And I really wrote this because I wanted to talk about projecting your crap to others. That's just one of the ways you try to handle problems but instead just postpone their handling in a way. It's not the end of the world even though it's irreversible in a sense. I did a lot of that, and it's not good. You could make up a lot of excuses and say some lame things to try to justify that, but there's enough of that in the world. There's been enough of that at least. I've seen enough of that.

And that's just the thing. There's reasons why you project your stuff onto others, but the reasons are always at least partly within you. That doesn't make you one to blame, because you shouldn't blame what you were born with, what you are. Just focus on how you handle yourself. Dont blame your hand if you hit someone with it, nor even the other person, because the hit originated from you. You gave birth to the hit.

So my medicine? I'm afraid the medicine is "to think for yourself", the best medicine for your own troubles. But staying in touch with yourself and in how other people fit with that picture helps.

Not really related but thought it might people get around their troubles... dont ask me how, it just can...

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