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My manifesto

Posted by Mikko-kun , 02 July 2013 · 273 views

There's times when you lose your way, say this and do that to serve something else
than yourself.

Your friends, family, people, you being accepted by them, they can still be there even you take your way instead of accommodating what they'd like to see.
You can still do that, accommodate them. It's not about whether you do that or not, but the way you go about doing it.

See, I love things a lot of people dont like, my taste is different. I guess it goes for all of us like that.
So what we do is try relate to how other people taste things, and that's not wrong in itself, trying to get acquinted with different personal tastes.

But like everything, there's the lesson of moderation we all come back to learn more about as long as we live. It's a line you may cross just to get a feeling of what's it like,
on the other side.
Moderation, is to have a time and a place for everything, for one. Not just to realise when you ought to do this or that, but to devote a moment to do one thing properly instead of spreading yourself out and losing focus.

I often ended up accommodating others by getting acquinted with their tastes and pretended to agree. Or even learned something good about those tastes. But that's just one way. If you truly want to accommodate others, you need to accept that you and your tastes may be different from others', that you just like different things. And be cool with that.
When you're cool with yourself and your tastes and not afraid of showing it to others, then you can show others a green light in having tastes that you might not like. We can live without each others' acceptance, but learning to accept that kind of differences gives a lot of more room for you and those around you to be yourself. Makes things easier. You know how they say that the company we keep affects us, the people we surround ourselves with...


I like being alone.
I love nights.
I like people, but I also like being apart as much as I yearn back to them.
I like solitude, but I also like attention. Yeah...
And I like those days when sun shines and it's warm outside. Days like today.

You really dont need much to be happy, or content. To learn to focus, to learn to direct the flow of your mind's focus, is to learn happiness, because happiness stems from there.
Not from stability, but from letting things move that way.

You'd think that staying up all night because of staying up all night and doing heavy work in the morning you'd feel crap, and it's tiring, yeah. But when you can regenerate yourself, it gets better. It comes from your mind.

Sincerity is empowering, because sincerity is to have no walls between you and your true state. That allows the life to flow more unhindered in you, and regenerate you.


It's better let people be as they are instead of pushing them, because the best teacher is your own experience. You delay that best teaching the more you push them. It's a thin line between genuine and having the little but bad enough fragment of insincerity when you push someone. If you're truly sincere you can't shove all the blame on any single entity, and thus always end up having some amount of understanding and forgiviness. I like sincerity like that, but I know you gotta take responsibility of how you live and what you do. That however, doesn't have to take away your sincerity.


People blame me of being abstract and utopistic. Yeah, I am. But the abstract, it's always tied to something real when I talk about it. I just dont do the tying for you.
And utopistic... I have dreams. Maybe dreams that might not happen. Who knows. But no dream is impossible, we just make them to be if we're bent on them being impossible.

Power of belief, will force. Seeing a practical way to make things happen. Those are needed, as well as physical action. But what's truly, most importantly needed, is the one step of courage you take to face a hard situation which doesn't give you good odds. It's the trial by fire that makes dreams come true.


At times I wonder why I write these blogs. Apart from the usual reasons which I have too, there's the thing of leaving yourself notes. Something you might bury when you find a new angle to things, even if you revered it as your way of life. You might think I write them so that other people dont have to keep walking circles all the time in their life but might find something here, well I dont really. It's a reason, but it's always your own call to step out of your circle. Nothing anyone else does can force you to that, just actions and consequences when it comes to that. But I do write this stuff so that if you decide to take a step out of your circle, you might find a lil' nugget of gold among all the turd I've spewn, heh. Something that gets you going.

But having said all that, I still just gotta say, you dont have to force yourself to like anyone nor pretend, not always. You can say straight if you dont like someone, or something. It easens up tensions. You can still have or grow a heart big enough to still like or accept the person even if there's things about them you dont like.
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