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A Poem for the Doomed

Posted by Mikko-kun , 15 September 2013 · 430 views

You look down upon the bottomless pit,
Walls close in, anxiousness creeps,
Looking up you see the stars,
Litting the sky you can't reach.

It's been a long journey, heavy steps
Echoing, as you feel the burden
Crushing you slowly, pressing down
Like a ten ton hammer on your heart.

Dont look back, you say to yourself,
Reaching towards that which you think
Saves you, but it's just a glimpse
Of someone falling down before you.

And you follow, down the pit,
Down to your lifeline, holding on
To that which grants you peace,
Waning, every time you grasp again.

The pain, you escape,
Yet it catches you,
Once and again.

The chase is over,
The end of the line
Is here.

Let yourself be swept,
Or see past the illusion.

Or rise.

It's a struggle within.

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