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Posted by _Only , 23 May 2012 · 440 views

my thought blows as wind,

whistling gust sways tree above

placing leaf on heart

I wrote this while lying under the branches of a field of oak trees in the forest, looking up at them, thinking about personal things in a meditative state of mind. I had a deep thought, a revelation of sorts, and noticed a strong gust of wind suddenly pick up. It swayed the tree branches above me, and dropped a single leaf right upon my heart. I found this sudden moment powerful and, for some reason, a random thought in my head said "haiku". I thought it was a weird thought, but then realized it probably meant to write down what I just experienced in a haiku. So I decided to attempt to write one on the pad of paper I had in my backpack.

I came back to it today, and looked online about how to write a haiku and examples. I was amazed to read that: 'a haiku is meant to be a meditation of sorts, that conveys an image or feeling when you see or notice something that makes you want to say to others -"Hey, look at that!" ' That was the state I was in when this event happened, and that "hey, look at that" feeling was what I felt. Read about how often haiku is related to nature, and/or mans thought/feeling as it relates to nature. Seasonal references, like the spring blowing of wind (which fit the physical moment), mixing with the autumn falling of leaves (which fit the emotional/thought of the moment).

Sometimes life is pretty mysterious. It seems something in me was able to interpret that moment and knew the proper way to put it into writing, but I can't say it was "me". I just listened and put pen to paper. I learned all about haikus the next day.

I still have the leaf because I'm funny like that. :st

May 25 2012 03:43 AM
Sounds like a very inspiring moment. I'm a nature and poetry lover...so haikus are almost a perfect combination to me.  Its a great haiku you wrote, btw. :tu:
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