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Old Photos = Old Memories

Posted by _Only , 30 July 2012 · 747 views

I found these old photos today, and also found that each of them brought back forgotten associated memories.

This one was me and my cousin dressed up for a wedding at some hotel. I remember whoever took the photo (I think my dad) told us to put our hands in our jacket like we were well-to-do bachelors on the prowl. This made us laugh. I don't remember much more of that day, except seeing the beach and ocean outside of the restaurant as we ate dinner at a reception later, and swimming in the pool with my clothes on (normal clothes, not the tuxedo :P).

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This one was a Halloween shot of me and my sisters. I remember trying hard to make the perfect face for the picture. I was trying to do the ninja turtle mouth thing like this and I was so into it, pretending I was a teenage mutant ninja turtle. I was also slightly annoyed that my sister chose to be a ninja turtle, too.

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This is me as a rebellious teen skating like it was 2000 something. I remember this was taken at some southern California beach side city (can't quite remember where) I took a little vacation to with my dad and step mom. I was all into skateboarding and Southern California was like the place to be for skating, so I brought my Zero board and we went to a local skate park, and I messed around a bit. I remember my dad staying and watching me like he used to do sometimes because he is a very kind hearted dork like that, and I remember teaching him to do a Shove-It on the grass. I was so surprised when he landed one. I also remember going to some little skate shop and buying a green Antihero T-shirt. I loved that shirt.

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This is me and my little cousin Brandon. I ever so vaguely remember this day, but it mostly reminds me of how happy he was when I would come over to my aunt and uncles on holidays and stuff. I remember he would have an obligatory breakdown and start crying nonstop when I would have to go at the end of the day. It's crazy that he is now an adult and married with a kid. How could something with hands that small have a baby of their own?!

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That's all. I wish I had pictures of every time in my life, because I am starting to get scared of how much my memory has faded.

Oh, and here's a picture of a face in some clouds I took, but didn't see the face until I uploaded it today. It made me smile.

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