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I Ran Through The Red Light

Posted by _Only , 13 August 2012 · 919 views

The other day I was driving home from work in a tired daze from a long day, and came up to a line of cars stopped both ways stopped at a red light. As I stopped behind them and waited a few seconds, I saw the first car in my direction start to run the light, and I was thinking "what the..". Then cars behind it, and also the cars going the other way all proceeded to run it, too. Then I decided to run it too, not really registering why we were all doing this. It was a weird, kind of surreal moment.

Right after I ran it, I was alerted to the song I was listening to on my CD player, when the singer sung "I raaaaan through the red light". Was this song: http://www.youtube.c...0YSpRoE#t=0m38s. I found this interesting to say the least, and paid attention to the rest of the lyrics, and really enjoyed them.

The next night I was going home from work again, and came up to a red light, and was feeling pretty good. Sometimes when I feel free like this, I start to imagine what it would be like to do silly little things that would be considered freeing. The thought I thought of at this moment, as a few cars came up behind me, was to just run the red light and laugh as they wondered what was up with me. Well, right after I had this thought, again, I was alerted to the song I had been ignoring consciously that was playing at this moment, as I was lost in thought, as I again heard the lyrics from my car CD player: "I raaaan through the red light".

I see a lot of small synchronicity like this these days, and admit I'm kind of waiting for EVERYTHING to sync up.

That'd be the day.

I know, maybe just a pipe dream. But I like dreams.

Aug 13 2012 09:33 PM
This reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. (Nothing to do wiith synchronicity, but weird things happening at a red light)
I was driving to the airport alone at 4am and was stopped at a light in a rural area that crosses a highway.  No other cars were around or behind me and when the light changed to green for some reason I didn't go. I just sat there watching the light for a few seconds and the next thing I knew a transport truck that had run the red light sped by me.  If I would have moved through the intersection when the light changed to green it would have totaled my car for sure.

Anyway, I notice a lot of synchronicity too. I was just typing a text earlier today and as I entered the last two digits to the phone number (26) I heard someone on the TV say "26". It was amusing. :)
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hey-  watch out please with the red lights................want you to stay healthy, stay well and stay writing!!!!
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Wow, good thing you survived that red light run. I wonder what really stopped you at that moment.

And okay, Quarky. You sound like my mom, heh.
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