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Broken Home

Posted by _Only , 23 October 2012 · 409 views

Broken Home

I rest here, a living shadow, my head in the clouds. As I sit upon this broken lamp I call home, a beautiful bright Light shines in the distance.
I sense someone, or something, is waiting for me there.

I imagine spreading my wings to fly towards the Light.. as my shame and fears keep my talons clenched to this sad, familiar place.

My broken home.

One day I'll fly to that Light. I just need more time to spread my unused wings, and take the leap. It's been so long.

So I wait longer, keeping my eyes fixed on that Light.

It slowly inches away and below.

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I didn't even scroll down and see the photo until after I read it and had already made certain connections, but once I saw the photo it made sense in a different way.  Nicely done.
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Thanks, I kind of meant the thick double meaning.
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