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Inner Voice: Part 2

Posted by _Only , 08 April 2013 · 556 views

I have started noticing that either when I am attempting to meditate or coming in/out of sleep(or at the end of dreams) I will hear a phrase said in my mind that strikes me, because it is in my mind, but doesn't feel like I thought it. This makes them very intriguing and mysterious to me, and I made a point to start writing them down in my dream journal. I remembered about them one night, and decided to make a little poem using all of the phrases I had "heard". I started that here: http://www.unexplain...showentry=27171

I decided to take a look through my dream journal tonight, and realized there have been more phrases since, that I had forgotten about. So I think it's time for a second installment to the odd inner communication inside my mind; "Inner Voices". I have also added the dates each of the phrases arrived, which made me realize I had some out of order in my last poem.

Did you forget your name? - 4/8/12
Help. - 8/21/12
You are a shadow, shadow, leader of the shadow people. - 9/17/12
It's in your head and you don't see it. - 9/29/12
Enter and come talk to me now, or die. - 10/20/12
You. - 12/5/12
You.- 12/6/12
We're working toward a goal. - 2/26/13
Unity. -  2/27/13
We have a benefactor. - 3/1/13
Malady. -  3/3/13
I'm giving you a right to move on. - 3/5/13
Tread lightly, for ours is the way of the Serpent. - 3/13/13
It's time for healing. Let's go on a rocket ride. - 3/14/13
We've got a fire inside. - 3/19/13
Find it. - 3/28/13

Apr 09 2013 04:03 AM
"The hate is necessary before the love is appreciated for what it will be".
I 'heard' that one morning last week.
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I'm glad you know what I mean then, and that message is a great example of negative being a learning experience in defining the positive.
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