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Old Photos = Old Memories

Posted by _Only , 30 July 2012 · 744 views

I found these old photos today, and also found that each of them brought back forgotten associated memories.

This one was me and my cousin dressed up for a wedding at some hotel. I remember whoever took the photo (I think my dad) told us to put our hands in our jacket like we were well-to-do bachelors on the prowl. This made us laugh. I don't remember...


Saying Goodbye To A Friend

Posted by _Only , 23 July 2012 · 621 views

Tonight I lost a great friend. Not just a friend, but became a part of me; an extension of me. While I can replace, it won't ever be quite the same. And I don't want it to be. We had a great run.

Well, I'd better get around to officially declaring it. T.O.D. of my most prized possession, 11:34 p.m. Maybe they can still hear my tribute....


Summer Day In California (In Pictures)

Posted by _Only , 12 July 2012 · 592 views

I was wanting to visit a park and trail I haven't been to yet near where I work, but for some reason I decided to drive way past it to a nice stretch of highway in forest in Moraga (I think). I ran across a random trail entrance. It was amazing in there. Like a hidden jungle, with some odd formations of trees in the winding forest hills. I took some...


Epic Battle of Man vs. Beast

Posted by _Only , 31 May 2012 · 581 views

Today I was walking a nature trail, and I was in a somewhat high, deep forest section. I was lost in thought as I walked, and suddenly was jolted back into awareness when something very large down by my right foot started moving and made a shuffling sound. It made a loud cry, which caused me to make my own ("aaahhh! whoa!"), as I nearly...


"Hi" ku

Posted by _Only , 23 May 2012 · 439 views

my thought blows as wind,

whistling gust sways tree above

placing leaf on heart

I wrote this while lying under the branches of a field of oak trees in the forest, looking up at them, thinking about personal things in a meditative state of mind. I had a deep thought, a revelation of sorts, and...



Posted by _Only , 18 May 2012 · 475 views

oblivion - 1. The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
2. The state of being forgotten, esp. by the public.

So many questions I find myself with,
all these questions,
every day.

Sometimes I might find an answer,
a glimmer of hope to hold onto,
a reason to keep on.

Then when I go to think of it later,
I found it has faded...

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