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Wow! A BLOG! Well let me introduce myself!

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 12 May 2012 · 760 views

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Well lo and behold, I have discovered a blog! You would think that as long as I have been here, I would have noticed by now, but heh.. i reckon not.

Well Let me introduce me!

First off, ignore typos, misspellings and just plain silly errors. I am so correct at work because I work for a major publishing company, that by the time I get off work and on my own I just honestly am not caring anymore about typos, misspellings et et and et.

My name is Joan, I am in my late 40's **gasp.. 50 is closing in!** I am a mother of two adult children and several fur babies!

I am an agnostic, but at times I feel that I am leaning heavily towards atheism. I am fine with that.

I have little problems with religious people, I just do not want them making religion/faith a part of a reason of passing rules/laws that will influence what choices *I* can make. I think it is just fine for me to say 'Your religion  your home, but keep it out of the laws and out of my home'.

When it comes to supernatural things, forget it. I do not fall for the typical supernatural stuff like ghosts and demons and such.

I honestly believe there is SOMETHING, but that it is legit and can scientifically be explained. Maybe not NOW, but eventually down the road. I mean think of it this way, there are many things we understand NOW, that was supernatural way back when, and I figure that in 100 yrs there will be things many call supernatural now, that will be understood by science then.

UFO's, yes I believe in them. I believe that there are many unidentified flying objects out in the big universe! That does not mean I believe they are space ships! Long long time ago, humans did not understand what stars were and stories were made up to explain them, now we understand, they are no longer 'unexplained' or 'unidentified'.

I think we forget much of our past in order to hang onto supernatural beliefs. We forget that almost all things scientifically explained today was one a supernatural belief. So thinks you believe in now as being some supernatural thing, is going to eventually be scientifically explained.

I do not believe in the typical conspiracy things. I do believe that the Government perpetuates conspiracies. *I* would if I was doing something high tech and secret and did not want info leaked out until it was ready to be explained to people or if it was some war technology, of course I would not want it leaked, what good would it do if the enemy learned of it! So conspiracies are great blinders for the general public and the general public is gullible enough to fall for them. Seems perhaps our Government isn't as stupid as we want to believe.

I do not believe in all those things people post about birdman of mars and all that there stuff. Let's face it, after MILLIONS of years in existance, being blasted by space and its own weather, images will be made in the soil/sand/dirt/rocks/whatever, that is going to resemble closely what we recognize as things here on earth, and the shadows and such our own eyes and memories of what could be, will fill everything else in.

How daft can we be to honestly believe that after millions and millions of years NOTHING familiar will come out of the soil/rock/etet that we will be able to make into things? I mean look at earth NOW! ANY given day when it is cloudy, you can lay in the grass and wait a spell and shapes will come about that you can turn into anything, and WELL DEFINED ones as well! Just give it a spell. Look at pple who read tea leaves, they go by shapes of the tea leaf residue, they do make shapes that you can recognize, it is a daily thing here on earth, so it is not surprising that after milllions of yrs, with shadow and such and dirt, rocks.. sand.. that we wouldnt find familiar images that are just that.. familiar images we can see do to erosion and other things, that have noting to do with being 'left over from alien life forms'.

I think we seek so hard to find alien things, that we begin to see aliens behind every shadow, every star.. every blink of an eye. We sadly do not look AROUND us and see the wonders of the planet we are on, and work towards making IT a better place so that if there are aliens out there and they eventually (if they ever do) find us, they wont find a dead world because we did not take good care of it.

I also believe that we MUST consider one possibility that can seem scary. Yes there may be aliens out there smarter then us, but, we must admit that there MUST be a 'first', and there is always that chance that the 'first' is US. So there are no alien beings out there who hold answers for us. We may be the ones who eventually should have the answers to help others, if we only first learn to help ourselves.

Now something more personal on me.

I love reading, I love Mercedes Lackey, the Companion Books, my ultimate favies though are the Anne Bishop books, Black Jewels and all the other sub books on the series. I also enjoy Tamora Peirce and her circle magic books. I enjoy her books, I enjoy chatting with her on our journals we have and I enjoy talking to her on facebook. I think she is such a down to earth person that I am even comfortable arguing with her!

I also love people. I enjoy talking to people, texting to people, getting to know people. People are fun. People make me laugh, and think and sometimes cry.

I love talking to people about all sorts of odd things, from silly things like 'man, I have gas today!' to important things like abortions, animal abuse, religion.

Without other people, I would be a lonely person!

*I* am a people and i love me!

OK for a first post in a blog I think it is long enough and I most likely typo'd and misspelled enough to make everyone cringe!


May 12, 2012 3:04pm central time (my time)

Glad you found the blog LOL

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