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Mothers Day is almost here! In a bit over an hour for me!

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 13 May 2012 · 379 views

My two adult children asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day, and seriously, there is ONLY one thing I really want.

My mothers day dinner that *I* choose.

I have two books I am reading now, so not needing a new book, nothing else really I want, unless you count what I cannot have like ALL the money I need to get what I want.. new home.. new furniture.. a Green House..

*you all know what I mean*.. so I asked for the one thing I really want.

My sons cooking.

He smokes and grills. SO I asked for some smoked beef.. he will start up the smoker soon, put in some liquid at the bottom of the smoker, and then put in the roast, oh and we have like 6 leg and thigh quarters (chicken) so he is going to smoke them too!  

And after about 14 hours or so of smoking, we will sit down to some baked tators with sour cream and chives, corn on the cob and maybe a small salad.. and smoked beef.. as well as some sliced catalope!

To me.. that is good eats!

Hope everyone here is enjoying their weekend and you mommies out there, hope you are going to have a nice mothers day!

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