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Lazy Dazy Dayz

Posted by willowdreams , 26 May 2012 · 484 views

Literally... lazy.

No excersizing, no nothing.. just reading, puting, and nothing.

Now of course I am bored with being lazy. Four days is almost to many days, so am outside in the *gasp* evening sun! I am not burning.. the flies suck though.. maybe I should not have taken a shower before coming out with a wet head..  

Later this evening I am thinking of going through the closets of the house.. tomorrow... basement.. sunday can take the books off all the book shelves.. we have 4.. and dust each one.. dust and polish the book cases.. and put everything back in order.. series with its own in order.. et et et..

then off to the bathroom.. then all the windows of the house.. one project every single day.. then of course.. other then the book cases/closets/basement, start over again.

I hate not doing SOMETHING.. moving... walking.. something.

I really suck at this lazy thing

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