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Tragedy happens and it always sucks

Posted by willowdreams , 27 May 2012 · 479 views

Last weekend was.. well.. it was.  First off Saturday evening our neighbor got drunk and in a verbal fight.. my son who is his friend, went outside and he calmed down and began talking quieter, then of course the police showed up as they were called before he calmed down, after they left, my daughter took him to wallyworld as he wanted to go shopping for stuff.

He purchased lots of charcoal. When they got home i said 'man, you do not want to be grilling while drunk.. you will burn the house down!:

anyways, I stayed up way way late and I mean late.. i did not go to bed till like 8 am sunday morning! I fell asleep thinking 'hope he isnt drinking today, since he wants to BBQ or he will burn his place down", I woke up at 1:30 pm, had to pee, yanno?  I got up walked ot the bathroom and said 'i dreamed he was still drinking, bbq'ed on his front porch and let the fire get to high and his house caught fire!" my two kids laughed of course..

My head hurt.. so laid down and at 3 i heard screaming.. my daughter ran into my room and threw my clothes on and said 'mom hurry.. their house is burning dow n, OMG mom'.. so I was like 'omg.. he bbq'd drunk!" and here I am stark naked, looking out the window and it isnt his house.. I it was the next neighbor.. they have 4 or 5 YOUNG kids.. two or three under school age.. and we gave them a kitten a few months ago too.. and I just well.. yanno? ANd after seeing the kids outside i then was like' OMG RANON!" Where is ranon the kitten?

So off I go dressing on the way out the door, not caring.. and there are all the kids.. whew.. and then i saw the mom with their miniture chihuahua.. and she is like 'we cant find ranon, the firemen are watching for him'.. and oh man.. the house was in flames :( it was terrible..  we moved our car as the firedepartment needed all the space they could get for their trucks and such.. and i was amazed at some peoples insensitivity!

See we live right down the road from the high school.. we are the third house from the school ballfield/parking area. They were having graduation. Normally they use everyones parking spots for events, which I hate, but oh well, but this time they could not. Our street was blocked off for cars, and the police moved OUR cars into the high school ball field parking lot, and then blocked off a few lots for their firetrucks to be able to 'back' into as they are huge trucks.

And some of the people trying to find parking space for the ceremony were PISSED.. they had to park one block back, and walk into our yards to get to the school, and we let them.. adn they were nasty mad, middle fingers in air at the police/firemen, verbally not nice and to make matters worse, their kids were the same! Here is a house burning, children crying for their lost kitty, mother and father frantic about a place to be now and all their stuff burnning in front of them, and these people are pissed over a parking spot and having to walk a block further? *sigh* it was a sad day on all accounts.

at the end of it, the kitten was found in the kitchen, the mom brought it to us as they have no where to go, the kids are split up with family, the mom and dad are in a hotel room the red cross is providing, so naturally we took in the scared kitty, boy did he stink bad.. rubber/paint/wood/plastic smoke.

Our neighbor who i thought would catch HIS place on fire, was hero of the day, he actually shattered some ribs trying to break down the back door to get to the children inside. They have no car, so my daughter is driving him back and forth to hospital and all, sadly his rib is really bad, and they are going to take him to university hospital in columbia for surgery. Its a good hospital.. I been there.

Sad week. family still apart from one another as they try to find another 4 bed house they can afford. No ins on this house, they rented and did not have renters ins, and the owner didnt have ins on it either.

Bad for all parties. Now we are considering getting renters ins through our car ins company. You never know when an electrical fire can happen.

never did images here before for blogs, so am not sure this will work. :)

this picture was taken from our front porch (heh i reckon that is a given).  weirdly it does not show the 'flames', just the smoke and such. but yea, there were flames with that smoke.

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May 27 2012 02:20 PM
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