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Unexplained Mysteries Forums, my McDonalds.

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 22 June 2012 · 643 views

Someone asked me why I loved these forums, because no one really cares what anyone here says.. no government agency is going to take heed and change anything due to these forums.. nasa isnt going to do anything because of wht is said on these forums.. religous leaders and medical scientist arent going to change anything due to what is said on these forums.

So the question was, why do I bother with these forums?

I actually took a day or two to think about it, seriously.. what is it that draws me here?

And then I thought of MCdonalds. Yes people. the fast food joint.. and I knew my answer.

You see, there are times on cold winter days when on the way to work, we leave a bit early, stop there and get a hot cocoa and some hot fries.. and sit there.. and I look round and almost always see a group of older men at a table or a few tables sipping their coffee and yacking away solving all the worlds problems. It seems they come there a few times a week.. and a few times a week you knwo they discuss every political and medical issue there is for them to talk of, and of course they have all the answers.. and solve all the problems for us.

Then they go home and life moves on as normal, nothng changed.

And I realized.. this is my McDonalds.

I do not have a group of pple I sip coffee with and yak away the world issues with every few mornings. I am not retired, so I have to work each day when I can.. and when I am home there are other things to do, plus I am female.. and strangely enough it seems to be the men who congregate and do this.

Years ago I am sure it would have been gentlemens clubs.. or taverns.. and such.

My my how times have changed? Eh? *grins*

So maybe we do not change the world, but perhaps we do.

I mean.. this place is viewed by more then a few old retired pple.. or a few woman with free times on their hands.. it is viewed by loads of pple all around the globe, different faiths.. different cultures.. just.. different.

We all hammer out our words, each feeling we are the one correct.

Maybe though, one person is changed here. One person. And that person teaches their friends and familyand children.. and that one change that happened due to this site, is carried on.

You never know, any single one of us could have changed one single person here. Just one. But isnt that all it takes?

I think what I like here, is I actually see people from different belief systems/different cultures. I actually learn something about them and perhaps they learn about me.

I do not have the money to fly all over the globe, I do not have the money to go out to eat on a daily basis to meet other pple. I am just your average dirt poor person who meets different people here online because it is the only way I can afford to, and it is between.. i either come online here and meet pple.. or go to the tv and watch a sit com

Most of the time, unless its sheldon on tv, I am here.

I can also admit freely and without shame, that sometimes there are some pple who are either that stupid.. or they are a troll.. and it is just plain fun messing with them.

*admit it.. we all sometimes feel that way*

So there ya have it..

Unexplained Mysteries Forums, my McDonalds.

LOL, you are a great writer my friend, too bad I don't live in Missiouri, we could met at McDoanlds and sove the worlds problems.

Your a good writer, have you ever thought of doing a colunm for your loca newspaper.  You have humor, your smart, open minded and speak your mind as well, a good combination.

Thanks for this read, it lifted my mood.

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Jun 22 2012 11:55 PM
thank you for your response! I have oft thought of doing newspaper columns periodically, however I am horrid at learning how to do such things, my daughter said she is going to look into it for me as she thinks it would be wonderful.. specially since I have written stuff all my life and even have a pen name for some of my works (private of course).. SO who knows, perhaps someday someone will see my work in public

so if you ever see a deena marie scott , you will know tis I!
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Knight Of Shadows
Jun 23 2012 08:37 AM
hehehehe that's good for you man
just don't get too excited with the analogy and start eating us :D
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Jun 23 2012 08:48 AM

Knight Of Shadows, on 23 June 2012 - 08:37 AM, said:

hehehehe that's good for you man
just don't get too excited with the analogy and start eating us :D

*must get my mind out of the gutter**must get my mind out of the gutter**must get my mind out of the gutter**must get my mind out of the gutter**must get my mind out of the gutter*
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Jun 23 2012 11:09 AM
good work of prose.
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