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but.. I am ONLY 49!

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 26 June 2012 · 527 views

I have for the most part (the part of when I got so badly sick) enjoyed getting older. Weird? maybe, but I doubt it. I honestly hated my youth and teen, oh there were good times, many times I laughed and enjoyed, black berry and strawberry picking for preserves and coblers..  getting a brand new 10-speed bike and thinking it was the most wonderful thing in the world! Hiking in the woods alone or with a bunch of friends, swimming in the kanawa river at the docks in Marmet WV.. going to dances at the rec hall, spending the night at friends.. typical things most people probably did as they were growing up.. but many times it was just one bad dream after another, when you are raised by overly religous zealots who are also alcoholics .. well that doesn't amount to fun times overly often.

However, once I began my 20's life became more fun.. I did not enjoy being pregnant, had to many difficulties, but boy did I and do I love my children.. and my 20's is when they were younger.. then of course pre teens and teens as I was in my 30's, and we moved from WV to Arizona, then later I, with my children in my late 30;'s move tomissouri.. not always very good times, but really.. different and good times as well. Only now when things went bad, I did not have to take off in the woods to hide, or stay quiet and hide in my bedroom closet.. now I was an adult and had the right to do whatever I needed to do to be safe.. I had more control, so I have loved being an adult.

My 40's though, things began happening that shocked me. I honestly did not think you began being achy and having things happen to your body till you will in your late 50's to 60's.. but suddenly my uterus became my enemy, my ovary decided it wanted cysts.. where I had fractured my ankle years back suddenly began aching horribly before it rained or when weather got cold.. began aching so bad I actually went to a doctor hoping she could just 'fix it', but alas, after texts and exrays.. I have what everyone has, every single person.. degenerative bone disease (yes pple, we all have it.. its natural aging of your bones, just some faster then others), arthritis.. oh my goodness was I pissed to learn that.. YES pissed.. but alas, I live with it because it is part of life.. then of course i am need to have my uterus removed because I am bleeding weeks out of the month and so heavy I miss days of work and actually had to go on family medical leave of absence thing, because i became so weak and anemic, my utuerus was literally 10 times larger then normal due to cysts and such and one of my ovaries was just as bad.. so both get removed.. yeah! I admit it.. I was soooooooooooooooo HAPPY and I still am! NO MORE MONTHLY VISITS!!!!  woohoo! I have zero regrets of having my uterus removed.


These course hairs that are growing out of my eyebrows? About two or three in each.. and they grow three times faster then the rest of my eyebrow hair? OH MY GOSH! I am plucking on a regular basis.. these two hairs out of the corner of my lip that is course and black? And the 8 or 9 course black hairs on my CHIN! and they grow even faster then my eyebrow ones! I am plucking them every 4ish days!

My freckles.. yes I am loaded with freckles.. I always was freckly.. face, hands.. arms.. these freckles seem to be getting bigger and merging! I freaked went to the doctor and was like FIX THIS? and she was like.. Sorry Joan.. this is normal.

Normal my ***!!!!!

Now I discover i no longer need regular glasses! NOW BI FOCALS!?!?

OK pple.. this was not supposed to happen for another 10 yrs or so.

What went wrong?

*peers around and growls*

Fear not and allow aging to take it's place. At 53 I have discovered it won't get any better-but try not to let it bother you. We have nothing but years and years ahead of us. Smile!
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At 63, in spite of the aches and pains, life is better and I am very happy.  I too loved life more when I reached my 20's and it has gotten better every sinse.

You could let your three eybrows grow, put some kind of decoration on it, or perhaps tye them together and put in a pink ribbon, or purple, not sure about the chin hair LOL.  Oh well, men get breast as they age LOL.

Glad you came through it all alright.

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double post
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Star of the Sea
Jun 26 2012 08:50 PM
Haha I thought I had posted a blog about myself there for a second LOL! Yup that's sounds like me, I will be 52 in a few days. But you're as young as you feel:)
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