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to reap the benefits of their labor

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 29 June 2012 · 722 views

A Bit of a memory lane thing.

Do not hold me to dates and such, I can barely remember what todays date is!


My daughter and son go to the library a lot, we read.. a LOT. They also get dvd's there, and we get netflix and such. My daughter saw Johnny Carson DVD's the early yrs and checked one of them out, the beginnings, and decided to give him a try, she wants to know what was so great about him. SHe loves him! As does my son, she also watched Burns and Allen and fell in love with them too, she loves the commericals and how they always seem to fit them in. I liked those commercials too, they are better than most of the ones we have today!

I really want to get some dvd's on the earlier radio shows.I do not remember them per se, more just bits and peices of them. Sometimes at night in winter when winter storms would take out electricity, we had these old radios and battaries, and would listen to reruns of radio drama series/comedy series, and I remember those times as good times, I would lay in bed with my door open listening to them and hearing the adults chuckle every now and then, mostly i remember the sound effects, like steps walking, doors knocking, phones ringing and i remember something about a butler, and lots of sarcastic comments and laugh.

I would like those shows on dvd to listen to. Wonder if they are out there?

I would like the cd/dvds of all of them really, and i would save them too! Wait till electric is out, or we are totally bored with whatever.. and stick one in the dvd/cv player and listen to them.

And I really miss some of the foods i had growing up. My guardian/grandmother could not deal with any of us kids in the kitchen when she was, even if we were quiet and didnt talk, she would get mad and scream at us to get the you know what out of the kitchen or get her a switch to help us out. So we avoided the kitchen to avoid the switch.

II do not even know what some of the stuff is called, I remember this one it was like thick pancakes, and spicey too, sweet spicy like stuff, and shed have a layer of it, and this white drizzled stuff on it, then cinnommy apple sauce, then drizzle, then another layer of cake, drizzle, applesauce, drizzle, then pancake.. till there was like 7 or 8 layers, then a final drizzle then some sprinkle of powdered sugar. it was really really good and we only got a narrow slice because it was sooo freaking tall.

She made the best fruit cake, no one tossed it out, everyone wanted it. It was a very spicy cake, not heavy on the cake eithe, and she had the best fruits in it, not all the fruits you get in it today, only some of them, loads of cherries, and brandy.. she would make it round halloween and no one got any till winter break, it was on a regular basis spritzed heavily with brandy and new brown paper be put over it.

She did the same with fudges too, made them end of october and by end of december we could have some, but only a lil bit cuz it was sooooooooooooooooooooo brandyish. She made the best best sweets and never wrote the recipes down nor told them :(

I have sense made my own recipes which are popular among family and friends and i made sure both my kids knwo how to make anything i make that they like. My daughter is fast becoming better then I am. SHe is a differnet style of cook. I like to say *I* am old fashioned in cooking, but her cooking goes back further then mine.

She can bake a cake over and open fire in a dutch oven. SHe can make almost anything over an open fire if she has her iron pots and pans and dutch ovens. SHe researches how they cooked as far back as she can go, then experiments, she wants us to find a house with a woodstove AND fireplace, not for heating.. but for her to practice cooking on! She even grows her own herbs and picks them, puts them in small paper bags, ties em up and hangs them up to dry, then puts them in these bottles and uses them, for bday I got her mortar and pestals, because it is what she asked for, and next on her list is how to make flavored vinegars and oils.

heh, she is way more old fashioned in cooking then I am, and my son is fast becoming good in gardening and smoking meet, he will start smoking meat at 3 am  then by 6 pm he says the meat is ready.

He also will buy 10 pound bags of chicken leg quarters, smoke them for about 4 hours, then when cool, put two leg quarters in a pack, and freeze em, then when jessa makes stews in her crock pot during these hot days when she doesnt want to cook, to flavor the vegies or beans she pulls out a pack of the now frozen smoked leg/thigh quarters and sticks both in the pot. The chicken of course adds meat, and the smoked outside adds the extra touch of flavor.

He also buys beef roasts when on sale and smokes them, those are what he smokes alllllllllllllllll  morn and day, and then with his meat slicer he paper thin slices them, freezes them in batches, so when we dont even want hot soup, we can pull out one batch and have smoked beef sandwiches.

So both my adult kids are surpassing me on the cooking bit. And I do not really mind either. Tis ok, because I get to reap the benefits of their labor

LOL, my sister is a real good cook, without even trying....I too reap the benefits....nice post, always love your essays about life.

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Jul 03 2012 08:00 PM
You could google old time radio, or search the same on Youtube. or search the name of an old radio show on Youtube.  A lot of them are there. I listen to them quite often.
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