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Slow days.

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 11 July 2012 · 445 views

Been really hot, you would think most of our plants would be dead by now, and a few are.. no matter how hard we tried to keep them going.. our tomato plant seems happy, my cast iron plant, which began the summer in what seemed its early demise has really thrived and is doing quite nice! one of our mint plants, chocolate mint, died off faster then we could sniff it.. and the other regular mint is doing ok. Most of our sunflower plants are happy, a few did not care for 110 steady temps.. our sage and oregano are sprouting flowers they are that happy..

Being on layoff means being piss poor, so bah.. nothing much to do. Plus to darn hot to do much of anything. I fear I may have gained a few pounds from not going on daily walks outside and such, but seriously, it has been so hot I rarely see anyone going on daily walks. We keep our air turned off most of the time due to trying to cut down on electric bills, we do turn it on about an hour before we go to bed, so we can sleep nicely, and then we turn it off when we wake up.

We have a smoker/grill we use a lot, because no one is willing ot turn on the stove and cook inside and make it hotter. And we eat a lot of sandwiches and loads of melons and fruit!

I discovered a new writer I enjoy.. gail carriger.. read the alexia tarabotti novels so far, i am hoping soon to read more on prudence and if pru changes her name as she gets older.. hope she writes more about lord akeldama.. that sounds like a fun vampire to become friends with.

our desktop computer has pretty much had it.. it is so slow in booting up to windows, it takes 7 to 10 min to get to our logins for desktops.. then another 5 min to load.. then when you click on your browser, it will take 2 to 4 min to load.. basically, 2 to 4 min to do anything new once you get someplace.. the computers are going on 8 yrs of age, so perhaps it is time to eventually get another, but this will have to wait, being on layoff means sometimes going through hassles to do things you want to do.

I still have this netbook, but i was given this one as a used gift and it isnt 'young' either.. so it can be hit or miss on it.. it overheats pretty fast, so cant use it for long periods. plus of course being older, it just doesnt have the 'power' to do much, playing facebook games is a trial as well *bah*.

so.......... not been on as much as I would enjoy being on, spending most of my time reading and watching bob ross shows on dvd's. I love sims, but my ocmputer will no longer load sims.. or should i say.. it will,but it takes 30 min to load.. then each action i make takes 5 to 8 min to action.. so basically, no.

I am thinking bout going to library and renting out the cosmos (carl sagen).. oooh man, i love that show.. i love his voice.. wish he was still alive.. heh.. when i see pple on tv doing weird things on shows and they go 'i rebuke you in the name of jesus christ'

i holler out 'i rebuke you in the name of carl sagen!'

dusty smith gave me that *rofl*

anyways.. boring days.. hope others are enjoying themselves

Nice update of a personal nature. It was fun to read.
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I know about heat.  This year here in Georgia it is really bad, I feel sick much of the time, stay indoors and drink lots of water.  106F is really hot for me LOL.

Sorry about you being laid off, that hurts I know, but at least you do have AC at night....hope things get better soon....LOL, love the Carl Segan rebuke.

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