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why feel angry?

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 19 July 2012 · 479 views

**there will be bad spelling and everything else to do with basic english.. ahh well.. this is my rough draft, you all will just have to figure it out**

There are days when I am a very angry person. This does not happen often,  not often at all.. in a span of one year it may happen only once. This is not really bad, right? Right.

Thing is, I am an agnostic/atheist.. and I belong to a few groups that support my views. What is amazing is that some of the people in the groups at odd times here and there ask me why I do not get angry at some of the things others are doing in the name of their religion, whatever it may be.

I find this stunning to me. I do not understand why they get so angry. Sure I get upset, agrivated and mad. And sometimes I will use the word agry to describe how I feel, but real honest to goodness pure anger? No.

Why should I? Why would I?

Here is what is going to happen, and my being true blue angry will not speed up the process, if it would, i would get really furiously angry!

Here it is. Christians/Muslims/whatever faith, is shaming in the actions towards homosexuals and woman (keep in mind I am talking bout the extremist, and those trying to get laws passed about abortions being banned.. gay marriages being banned.. et et..so those posts of 'i am Christian but am not like that.. do not matter, I am not talking to the average person who doesnt follow their bible to the letter of the law).

Anyways, again.. shaming! And I want them to stay out there, I want them to try to push their laws, I want them to win some of the battles. YES PEOPLE I WANT THEM TO WIN SOME BATTLES.

The more they speak out, and the more battles they win now, the more people see. The effects of those little battles will have major ripples that will repulse many people. AND that is how they will lose.

It happened towards slavery with blacks and chinamen (why is so little spoken bout the chinese who were treated as slaves? ahh.. another story).. It happened with woman being downtrodden and abused here in america and european countries.. as well as child abuse which at one time was not illegal.. it happened with religion too, used to be only a few religions, outside of those the law would not help you.

So to it is now happening with homosexuals. They are losing, and they are winning, but the point is, it is out there now, and it can no longer be hidden. The military service is now supporting homosexuals, as there was recently a wedding of two military gay men. Major businesses are supporting homosexual rights. Homosexual couples/singles has been fostering children and adopting children for years now with the 'system' fully aware that it was a homosexual couple fostering/adopting.

So the religious people out there have basically lost already, but they are still spouting off and trying to fight an already lost battle, and they need to keep it up for several more years, they need to keep fighting. The reason being, the more they fight their death throws, the more everyone else will hear, see... and the harder the homosexuals and others supporting them will fight back and push back and do things. This way the foundation gets stronger and stronger, if the religious pple out there stop fighting, then the foundation for homosexual rights wont get stronger from the battles and they can stay the same and weaken till finally some small group jumps up and actually knocks the foundation right out from them

So no, I am not angry. And I feel this way towards womans rights and freedoms where abortions and such are concerned. It is the exact same thing.

I just do not want to stop the battles, the battles help build stronger foundations, plus.. the more OUT there it is, they more shaming the religious community will look to our grandchildren and great grandchildren and the less likely it will have to be faught again generations down the road.

It is how it is about slavery now. we laugh about it now, we joke about it now... and the groups like KKK and such? they are still there, as the battle against slavery is newly won, and who knows, perhaps lil groups will always be there, cannot idiot proof the world. But they look shaming now, and many families would be horrified to know someone in their family was part of such a group.

I do not want the battles stopped yet. I do not get angry.

Every single time I see something like hrmm lets go for an extremist that even most religious extremist hate.. westboro..

They are shaming. embaressing. when pple see them, pple go out and droves now to counter protest them.

THAT is what battles do. That is what religious people cause us to do. It is strengthening to US. SO heck no, I am not going to become angry. I am actually glad.

Plus.. not only is it a good thing for homosexuals, and womans.. to gain their strenght and freedoms..

It proves to others as well that we are a very free country in that we can fight these battles in public.


why get angry at somethign that in the end.. in a very very very weird way.. helps gain support for homosexual rights AND womans rights?

I say.. they are their own worse enemy.. and this is good.

I can understand your anger( or your non-anger a tad confused on that), but we live in a culture where everyone has the right to speak their minds, bring their beliefs to the public forum and slug it out.   It is the fringe that often have the strongest voices I fear but they do not speak for the majority.

Some atheist are way out spoken and I feel they may cause a backlash as well towards all those who call themselve 'freethinkers'.  Both atheist and believers feel oppressed by the other group, it is our human tendencey to identify so much with our group that we can overlook our own failings.  In any case, we will surive this as a culture and in the end be the better for it.

Liked you rant, well said, not agreeing with everything of course.....but well said....you need to write for some online newspaper my friend, I have already mentioned this (as have others I believe).....so what is keeping you from trying?  This from a theist no less LOL.

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