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why oh why cant my cats stop this darn 'walkabout'

Posted by willowdreams , in another day 22 July 2012 · 454 views

Past few days has been nice. I have gotten into the Septimus Heap books, up to Queste. Sometimes I just enjoy easy simple to read books, though sadly I am not always able to finish any of the ones that are series. Sometimes books just become to same old same old to where I always know where it is going and how it is pretty much going to end. Septimus Heap is that type, but this time I am actually going to complete the series because we sell them at work and I want to be able to help teachers/parents when they call by being able to answer their questions when they ask them about this set.

The homefront has been boring. I am used to some sort of drama on the street here since we live in a very low income area. Usually something is happening, however this past week it has been so slow and boring. Two of the trouble making families have moved on.. so that narrows it down. Now the other day our one neighbor had been bragging bout how he was not going to get drunk anymore, then two days later (night actually) his wife calls my daughter and asks if she can go and pick up her husband at someones house has he is so drunk he is almost passing out, my daughter and son go fetch him, bring him home then the next day (wifes birthday) we waited for the fighting.. (his wife was not happy with him), but alas, nothing, so that night my daughter txted the wife with 'Hope you had a good birthday today! BTW give me a call if you killed your husband and I will help you with hiding the body!'

yes my daughter has a strange sense of humor, but then again she can be frightening without trying. See, my daughter writes. She doesn't write stories I care for, but she writes, and for the past 5 yrs she has been into murder/killing, for her stories. SOOOOOO In our bookcase are books about herbs to grow that kill. Ways to kill and not get caught, books from the library about serial killers, woman killers, woman who killed their families, how to poison your victims and not get caught. et et.

So people joke saying if I get really sick and die, they know who to tell the police to look at *rolls eyes*.. she loves it though and will cackle at odd moments in the evening.. or middle of the night..

She has also decided to make me go crazy and her brother is helping her. She likes chess. She has lots of chess stuff. SOO She knows how anal i can be about things being where they should be, right now I just looked up and on top of the door ledge is a white pawn... so i looked round the room, on a shelf by the tea candles is a black knight, the other day in the bathroom I swear I felt someone watching me do my business and looked up, in the window over the tub was the blck king and white queen... they were watching me..

I screamed for johnny and he swore it was his sister, so I screamed to jessa and she said 'mom, no one moved the chess pieces, they just decided to go on a walk about is all!' i reminded her that we live in america and things do not go on 'walk abouts' and she just sighed and said I did not understand that things had a life of their own and to control them is such a silly human idea.


I have gone through these chess moves before and thought they had stopped.. but alas.. the chess pieces seem to be restless once again.

LOL thanks for humor, loved this piece.

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