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Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 24 July 2012 · 417 views

II hope there is no confusions in my text here, took me four times to get this typed out and posted because I had a frisky kitten that just would NOT leave my hands alone!

I am a little dismayed in people of late. I fully support people who believe in diversity, I believe in equal rights for religion and homosexuals, woman and men.. I do not 'not' shot at stores because of their owners or CEO's beliefs.

I mean, let us face it, if you believe in equal rights to everyone, then you have to accept that not everyone believes as you do, yet you fight for their right to their opinion/beliefs!

Chick-Fil-A, now why would you stop eating there if you like it there? If I liked them (never been to one or even seen one) i would not stop eating there. Look the CEO has a right to an opinion/belief. Why would we suddently punish a whole fanchise because of that one person? That seems a bit silly to me.

What would make me stop eating there based on human rights and a persons beliefs? If they became part of the hiring process.

For instance, say because of this CEO's opinion on homosexuals, he made it to where if a person looked/seemed gay in any way they would not be hired. THEN I would say uh oh! You are taking your opinin a step to far. I would no longer go there.

As long as his opinion is just that, his opionion/beliefs. I have no issues with the place of business.
Why would I punish the employees by making their jobs more difficult to keep because of less money coming in? We live in hard times, why would I make it harder for them?

If I believe in freedoms of people to believe as they wish, think as they wish, why would I then punish them for using that freedom? As long as he is not pushing is beliefs on the company in such a way that he makes it harder on someone gay working there then it is for a straight person, then he is just fine, leave the company alone. IF he takes his beliefs and pushes them into company policies, then there is an issue.

You will not find me punishing innocent people because of one person actually having his own opinion/belief.

And No, one cannot say 'well it is a business, you shoudl keep these things to yourself and not go out and make something public'

excuse me? That is stupid to even think. If you honestly believe that, then all these companies donating to charities would need to stop, because charities are public statements of what the owners/head of corps. believe in and 'SUPPORT'. SOOOO If you stop one thing, then you stop it all.

If he cannot be honest in his feelings towards something, then other companies cannot support other things that YOU may like!

you cannot have it to where people have the freedom to believe as they wish, then punish them because they do not believe as you do. Then you become as bigotted as them.

if not worse.

you know better.

Well done, a bit of sanity of my friend.

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