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I watched a movie.. source code

Posted by willowdreams , in another day 01 August 2012 · 432 views

My son and I watched a movie yday.. Source Code. I was reluctant to watch it because I saw previous clips of it during comercials and such and just figured it was same ole same ole stuff all done over again and so thoguht it would bore me.

Well.. hrmmm, it dd not bore me. Put it this way, I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was an unusual romance tragedy and was sad about what the ending would eventually be. not to far into it I already knew he was dead and they were somehow using his brain to do what he is doing, but i often find i guess things a bit soon in movies, perhaps because in my 49 yrs of being an avid reading and seeing all sorts of movies, i just recognize patterns more.

I liked how it ended. But it creeped me out big time. for ME the movie was a weird romance, weird sort of actiony drama, thriller.  

But not thriller as in ugh, you know.. not quite like hrmm bruce willis in The Jackal.. but sort of psychological for me. i hate how it implied a person can just JUMP into your body when you die, and change history where everyone lives.. cept you of course. you die. period. someone else goes on in your body.

I also hated how i KNOW the military would do it. when the person being used to go back to get info realizes they too are dead and insist on a promise from the one in charge, that when this job is over, they will let them go, let them die/pass on and not keep them 'working' for them.. basically free of charge and against their will. then end the end the governt goes back on its words and decides to wipe your memory of your supposedly last mission, and puts you right back to work again.

So as much as I enjoyed the movie, it creeped me out and sort of left me feeling unsettled.

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