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Just a simple update

Posted by willowdreams , in another day 07 August 2012 · 431 views

Well, off layoff, started work Friday the 3rd, and though I am glad to be back at work, as unemployment doesnt pay enough really, i sort of wish i had another week or two off!

It has been nice for two months of not being stressed.. suddenly I am stressed again, I know things change, but things are supposed to change for the better.. which it probably has for the company.. just more harsh on employees, and it provides a faster turn over rate on employees, which is better for the company, as they only hire part timers now, so no benefits, but for pple like me who cannot afford to quit as no other jobs here are going to hire me and provide benefits.. it is more stressful.

They had it to where your quality phone performance was 85%, perfect really, I did well on that, it is now 90%.. now I thought, how bad is that? my first day back after 10 weeks, I got a phone quality of 87%, and it is for one error and one 'suggestion'. SO one error hit me back 13%  so basically you need to do 100% 100% of the time, when you get 20 to 30 calls a day 8 hours a day on busy times.. that really is not going to be easy to do. Specially if accidentally during a call you 'cough', you cough before you realize you are going to, so you didnt have time to 'mute' the phone.. even though you say 'I am so sorry, please excuse me', you still are marked down for it *blinkblink*

What will happen if we suddenly get a sneeze?

But I am glad to being back to a regular pay check again.

I am glad your back as well Williow, hope the stress gets easier to handle.

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