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One is not worse or better then the other.

Posted by willowdreams , 14 August 2012 · 633 views

I do not understand why people must insist that everyone 'have someone'.

By having someone, I mean as in a 'partner', a 'significant other', a 'romance'. Dating, living together..marriage?

I do not go around telling people that they should break up and go to bed alone. SO why do people think I need to date someone and get into a relationship with somone?

I have always BEEN in a relationship since I was 15 yrs old until about 11 yrs ago. I am sorry people (well, not really sorry, as it does not bother me), but I honestly have no desire to be in a relationship.

Do not get me wrong, I do not find men or woman a 'turn off', I just have no desire to enter another relationship and I do nto see a desire to enter another one to rise up anytime soon, in the near future, middle future or far future. I honestly really would not mind if I spent the next 49 yrs of my life as a single woman. I actually look forward to it.

For me, in my life now, it is not a wanting to be in a relationship that I desire for, it is a wanting to be in a friendship. I like talking to people, I like being with people, I like spending time doing things I enjoy doing, then I want to take a nice shower, and if I am dripping wet and just plain hot, I want to jump into bed wet and nekkied with fans hitting me and no one care.. and no one asks me to move over.

I want to go months without shaving my legs or pits and not be concerned about turning someone off. I honestly do not care if I ever shave my 'nether regions' again! I have no one to impress there either.

I do not want to feel compelled to dress up, put my hair up, wear a certain perfume.. share the last peice of pizza.. or split the last bowl of icecream.

I did all that, and while I enjoyed it.. it is like 'ok, I did that.. now can you leave me alone?

I enjoy NOT haveing the responsibility of seeing to somone elses emotional needs. I enjoy not worrying about upsetting osmeone or 'reading their emotions'. I enjoy just being myself. I enjoy laughing at off color jokes that no one else probably cares for, I enjoy wearing nothing most of the time, I enjoy going weeks just not being concerned about anyone but myself

Yes, I have my job, I dress for my job, I speak the way I am expected to speak when at my job, I behave the way I am expected to behave when at my job.

When with friends, as open and blunt and honest as one can be with real true friends, you still find yourself holding back a lil, so as not to hurt feelings and lose said friends, freindship IS work.. I enjoy the work but when I come home and sit down to relax or when they leave my home.. I want to not worry about it for a while.

I love my son and daughter and I live with them, but they have been with me from the beginnign of their time and they know me better then I even know myself, I can be rude, crass and fart with every step I make and all they will do is laught or go 'eew mom! Do that in your own time when you are alone!"

I know what it is to love anogher human enough to lose yourself in them, to enjoy sleeping with them, eating with them.. spending most of your waking time with them, and it was nice.

But on another level, being free and not having to be partnered with someone is JUST as enjoyable and just as freeing.

One is not worse or better then the other.

Each is different, each has their good points, bad points and no points.

I am quite happy NOW, and I really do not want it to change. I do not want to do anything to make it change, and I at this moment, hope it never does change, I can handle this for 49+ yrs!

I can more then handle it, I look forward to it.`

I wish I could get others to understand this. I do not ever remember telling others that they just 'had' to be in a relationship with someone! Nor do I tell people that they just need to NOT be in a relationship with someone! I just figured people would know what made them happy and and go for that!


I reckon they mean well, I just wish they could understand what I love for myself and accept that.

I understand what you are saying and your right my friend.....again you should write for the newspaper LOL....wise and grounded as usual.

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