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Lazily sorting myself out.

Posted by willowdreams , in another day 23 September 2012 · 689 views

I do not do this often, revealing a personal want, desire... dream.

However, today I think I will.

I must admit, the past two days have been very lazy days. I literally have done absolutely nothing worthwile within the home. No housework, no excersizing, not nothing.

After two weeks of working 10 hour shifts and being drafted for Saturdays, then seeing another ten hour day week coming up and the possibility of being drafted/forced to work next Saturday, I chose this weekend to 'not care'.

I find though that my mind will not shut down so easily, mindlessly playing fb games, checking blogs/journals/forums, looking at cutsy piccies on google images and reading, does not help shut off the brain to thinking.

I am nearing 50 now. What do I really want? What I want seems rather silly, to me anyway.

Living off the grid, is not a new concept, I am not sure why it is thought to be. It is just the way it always was till about 100 yrs ago.

We have only been in this techno age for about 100, a bit over 100 yrs. Really, in the grand scheme of things, that is not a long time.

Do I want to be off the grid? Yes, but not in the same way many 'new off the gridders' make it.

I see so many images of those who are living the new age off the grid and they always seem scruffy and not so clean.. like hippies, and I am not saying that is a BAD thing, but that is not the image one wants to portray as a life.. 'for me'.

I am not fancified.. I am overweight, my hair is getting silver, I have freckles that are trying to mate with the freckles beside them and become blotches, my joints ache during cold or really rainy weather and I find I do not get over colds as I once did. I also find I do not have as much time for silly dramatic things either.

I do want the slower paced life. I do want to be self sufficiant as far as utlities and food go. I hate the fact that I live a life that is dependant so much on money that if electricity is shut off, I will run off in a panic about my freezer/fridge!

That is such a silly thing. When I was younger, we used to lose electricity do to storms all the time, was not as stable back then as it seems to be now. No panic. Most of our foodstuff was canned/jarred goods or dried goods.

butter was kept in a water crock and on the counter, always cool, never did go rancid, though we used it up to fast. Most fridged stuff was leftovers, ice.. or jars of jams and such not used up yet, and so if we lost electricity, it was not such a mad panic as to what to do about food.

Cooking wasn't a major thing either. Electric or gas stoves, no matter. We had this cast iron thing you used outside to cook on, if worse came to worse, we used it. It was like two tripods, one on one end and the other on the other, in the middle of each tripod hung a big iron pot over a fire, granddaddy had a long iron pole running between them, and suspenced three chains, one towards each end about a foot from each tripod, and one in the center, (looped), and at the end of the chain was a longish like griddle that the chains hooked on either side, we would have a long trenchy like fire under it, so we always had hot meals, coffee/tea/water.. and never went hungry because electricity went out.

We had three huge gardens, we never had to go to the grocery unless we wanted to get other things like sugar, tea, coffee, flours.. soap goods.. but basic food stuff we grew, granddaddy and uncles and a few aunts went hunting, so deer was plentiful.

I want to go back to how it was then, sort of. More off the grid though, i want so solar/wind energy,  i would like some lighting, an yes, net/web/tv. I admit it, and have no shame for having that vice! Why should i be shameful over that?

I want a library, not a huge one, but a nice room only for books, and instead of 'windows', have those window seats where you can fit a twin mattress in it, a quilt some blankets.. and have a cosy reading room, a few recliners and rockers with stools.. and yes, a wood stove in the room, they have those good ones now thay burn more efficiantly, heat better.. and use less wood.

I would love to live near woods and gather deadfall all spring and summer for stacking and using for heating in winter.

I would have electricity, but use mostly my own, and this way if weather turns and you do without electricity for a while (the other yr, electricity was out for almost two weeks in some areas here do to ice storms), then I know I would still be comfy, warm.. well fed and not doing without.

I love pple, but I would like to have neighbors further then a few feet froim me. If I open my curtains in my room now, i would see into my neighbors house.. we are abotu only 8 feet from one another.

I want to have a lot between me and my side neighbors, and I wan tto own those lots, use em for gardening.

Want to know how to have a cheapo root cellar? when you harvest your gardens, can and dry what you can, however keep in mind most times you get another harvest about 4 to 8 weeks later, smaller harvest of those that were not ripe enough before. You do not need to 'lose' these because you ran out of space.

Get big old plastic containers with lids, OR boxes! now, in your garden aftre the second harvest, dig a hole big enough, JUST big enough to fit the container in (if its a plastic container, cut the bottom out of it, you need the ground and humidity from it for a root cellar), cut the bottom oour of the box if you use a box.

Fit container you use into the hole, make sure top is even with ground, fill with whatever you harvested.. carrots.. tators.. whatever that crop is (you can have more then one hole, one per crop here or however many needed), not put plastic lid on container, or cardboard bottom on top of container. Put some hay bales to cover (insolation, plus when it snows, you will knwo where it is!)

there, cheapo cheapo root cellar.

Anyways, the point is, I want to live more off the grid, i want to live round woods, that are MINE, so i can harvest wood fallen during storms and winter.. so i can clear some of the ground clearning in the woods for mulching and composting heaps.. i want to garden.

I do not want to spend all my life going to work and back, a nd stressed out over schedules and work drama.. I want more of a peaceful life.

I will eventually get this, on a small scale of course.. but it will come, I am patient, I am learning all I can now about other things I can do to be self sufficiant.. how to have kitchen gardens.. I recently saw a picture of a person who had a small yard, but privacy fence.. on their side of the fince, they anchored up these old gutters, they anchored them slanty, so they can drain, then put on 'caps' of some sorts on the ends that would old dirt, but still drain out holes, and they filled with potting soil, and all along the fence is vegitation.. herbs.. et et..

neat idea, eh? talk about a living wall.

I saw another where a person used cinder block bricks, made square planters in front yard for floral and green foilage for deco, but the 'holes' of the bricks on the outside, and in each hole, planted an herb..

wish *I* could come up with neat ideas like this, but i have no problem with running with em!!

I am not good at sewing, crotching and cannot knit to save my life, but I can lerrn to make things with my hands, if only for relaxation.

So, maybe I was physically lazy all weekend, but I sorted myself out a bit more on what I really want, what my dreams really are and how far I am willing to go to learn how to do things to work towards my goal.

It may not be everyones desire, but it is mine.

Sep 24 2012 10:31 AM
This resonates with me.I used to live in a tiny apartment. Work long hours & come home to the "normal" life. I do not live "off the grid" but Now I live in the country & have a garden, pond, dogs and hens. My .98 acres are tucked into a hillside surrounded by trees. That is what "sold" me when looking for a home. It is so different coming home to this rather than the small apartment. Work has been chaos. Stressful and frankly I have wanted to quit more than once. But no i must work and just wait for my weekend to unwind. The chores of the harvest Call to me. I could not wait to get home Friday and get to it. it's amazing what we can create. It's creative, fun, therapeutic and practical. Sound like you are getting the calling to make the change my friend.Well you have all winter to go on a house or land search. I hope that you follow your dream. :-)
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Sep 24 2012 02:54 PM
yes exactly!

*smiles* you know, I even considered.. maybe a small acre and getting a damn yurt!!!

heh *smiles*..
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Sep 24 2012 09:34 PM
:-) nothing wrong with that. A lot of folks where I live have seasonal "camps". Basically they live there in summer. Or some just go for weekends. Yurts look pretty cool
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