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Heron of Alexandria.. the next step to take.

Posted by willowdreams , in another day 21 October 2012 · 573 views

Here is something I do not get. Why do people hang on this stuff of 'debates' between atheist and theist? Why even have such debates? There can never, and will never be any winner or loser, just some people do miss a beat here and there on both sides in the debate.

Look, people have their faith for their own reasons, if you need someone arguing/debating for your belief or against your belief in order to help you 'believe', then I would say that you have a problem and watching/listening to debates is NOT the answer.

I myself, do not have a religious belief. I interchange the words atheist and agnostic freely. I do this because in MY mind it makes no difference, in either word if someone were to be able to absolutely and scientifically on all levels prove that god exists in the same way I can prove that my son who is sitting in front of me on a rocking chair exists, then they will believe in a god and not go by the title of atheist or agnostic.

To prove that there is a god, you must do this in a way that does NOT use any so called 'holy books', and you must show it in a mathematical and out and out physical way. IF I cannot SEE a god you profess to exist, then I will not believe in this god.

I say this because the god most christian based faiths show me is a god of abuse. It is a god who likes to play those psychological mind games with you that an abusive parent or spouse or dictator will play.

Sacrifice your son to show your devotion to me.. then stopping it, poor child probably has some mental disorders and trust issues on that one! Or if I want to bring it down to a nutshell

YOU have free will! However if you choose my path you will have ever lasting life with me, peaceful, choose a path of your own free will and I will in the end smote thee and burn you in everlasting hell.

umm.. yea... free will.. just like an abused spouse gets... do as I say and I will not have to beat you!

ANY Belief system that touts that as a core of its existence.. is a dangerous belief system, no matter if the walls and roofs are built up of tolerance and love in other areas.. the basic foundation is built on abuse.. even if it is psychological abuse.

That kind of foundation makes the walls and roof unstable.. hence why so many religious beliefs are able to splinter off so easily into beliefs such as the ones of David Koresh, Jung Seok, Fred Phelps, Jim Jones and many many others.

Many people will even use supernatural experiences to brick up their walls of beliefs and make them stronger, saying that science has not been able to answer for all the supernatural experiences out there

Of course science has not! 200 yrs ago science had not answered many questions and experiences that 100 yrs ago it answered.. 100 yrs ago science had not answered many questions and experiences that were answered 30 yrs ago!

As we grow in age, and science, we answer more questions and explain more experiences. I imagine some experiences will not be answered for hundreds more years! That does not mean there is no scientific answer.. just that we do not have the know how at this time to understand the scientific answer or to get it.

It is the same with medical science. How many people died 150 yrs ago from diseases we can easily cure today?

How many diseases are still waiting for cures?

Science is not a religion per se, nor should it be, but it is a process we use in which to help unravel many mysteries of life.

Just.. as with many things, we have to have the know how of the process and how to adapt to understand some things, before some questions are answered and some experiences are explained.

Heron of Alexandria came *sooooooo close* to.. hrmm, not the invention of steam energy to power many things but to bringing on the industrial revolution 2000 yrs early.. be it because he just did not make that final connection or that slave power and such was easier to use and he did not have a reason to take it a step or two further..

The point is.. just like THAT.. we too can be sooo close to answering many questions and explaining many experiences.. if we only KNEW we were so close and if we only KNEW that we should take that extra step in some process out there and not back off and move onto another project.

The answers are there, we just have to see them.

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