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been a rough 6 ish weeks... but i think I am back

Posted by willowdreams , 18 December 2012 · 560 views

My job has been bad on hours.. amazingly they were not even 'honest' with us about them. I should not say they were NOT honest, just.. the way they handled it made it feel that way

For instance.. we would get a schedule for the week saying Monday we work 10.5 hours, then tuesday 9.5 then 8.5 the rest of the week and 'off saturday'.

SO we come to work monday, then by the last hour of work our tuesday hours would change to 10.5hours, come to work tuesday and our wednesday hours changed.. did this constantly, for many they would come in thursday and find saturday hours added.

Everyone has been sick with this nasty congested cough, but with all these damn hours, taking time off to get better means points, adding points means getting close to being fired.

I got the cough bout 3 weeks ago, its that there bronchial cough you can get at beginning of winter that seems to hang on alllllllll winter... and you go to the doctor and instead of giving you cough suppressent they give you a big ole horse pill that MAKES you cough because 'Joan, you have to get the gunk out of there, you don't want fluid build up and getting pneumonia do you?'

Then this past monday *I* get a secondary virul infection.. and dehydrated. so this worry of fluid build up and such is now a major issue.. but me? oooh no my electrolytes and my POTASSIUM levels went so out of wack that when i woke up friday morning i could not walk 3 feel without colapsing.. my son had to help me to the toilet to pee.. then it took us 20 min to get me pant and shirt on as every step i took i was down..

got to the emergency room.. they took a huge amount of blood.. then listened to my heart (i have afib), and yes I was in afib.. which actually is not what stressed the er doctor out, what stressed him out was blood results, then i am rushed for ekg, then i had to ride through that there round donut.. i had fluid build up in chest.. instead of pneumonia, nooo not that.. my elctrolytes and potassium levels pushed me into congestional heart failure.

in hospital from friday morning till today monday, bout noon they released me.

I have these huge butt potassium pills i have to take as well as something that makes me pee like a hung horse, to stop me from holding fluids..

i am on lay off. for at least three weeks.

here is what hurts.

i got a 13 cent raise.. then they let me know that in february they are changing our hours. no more evening shift, so yes i get a 13 cent raise, however, in feb i take a 75 cent and hour paycut due to no more shift differential.

mt pay raise.. basically means nothng, huh?

i am trying hard to find the happy in me. it is not happening.

i do admit, i have one of the best sons in the whole wide world

the nurses were amazing and adored him.

when they saw how attentive to me he was, how he stayed hours at a time, helping me to the bathroom.. helping me in the shower.. helping me eat when i had iv's in both arms and hands.

one nurse said she rarely sees men in the 20's be so attentive.. and his response of 'this is my MOTHER.. the only one I have, and she is family, you take care of family, no matter what', made them love him even more.

my daughter freaked out, she is in holland till the 27th of janu and i told her to STAY there, enjoy her three months!  She is with her fiance.

SHe has been calling several times a day every day.. and just stressed, but is calmer now that i am home.

i am home now, it seems i have to accept that i am going to be weak for a week or two more, and have to be careful, i am still getting over a 'bug', so when i get out of breath for any reason, i am to STOP, not push it, and sit and breath deep and even breaths.

I was shocked, i am only 49.. so to have CHF seemed wierd, but i learned it does not matter how old you are.. if your potassium is screwed up, you can be 10 yrs old, you will go into CHF or have a major heart attack.

so becoming dehydrated when you are already sick, CAN kill.

Also heard some other news which made me break down and sob.

we have a neighbor down the road, she has several weiner dogs, we do not KNOW KNOW her, we just see her every now and then as she is walking ehr dogs and such.. you know, the wave and 'hi how are you' kind of neighbor.

well it would seem that she had CHF a while back and no one knew, she collapsed on the floor in her home and was so weak and dizzy she was unable to get off the floor, could not find energy to crawl, she laid  on the floor for a lil over two days before family coming by for their weekly visit came in and found her.

This explains why she was in the hospital for almost a month.. while I only had to be in there a few days.

Now, if we do not see that woman walking her dogs for one day, one of us will be going over to knock on her door and say 'hi, just thinking of you'.

another neighbor is going to get her a medical alert things. and we all will probably donate some money to get it going for at least 6 months to get her 'going'.

so something good happens from something utterly bad.

ok gonna let everyone go now, my son is making a nice huge salad of mixed greens, with grated carrots, onions.. those grass like thangs, and radishes, mushrooms, peppers.. and chopped chicken breasts

yum yum.. i am seriously looking forward to that, if there is one meal in this house that is a staple.. it is salad.


Daughter of the Nine Moons
Dec 18 2012 10:42 AM
I am glad you are feeling better. Welcome back.
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Damn, hope things get better soon my friend.  Hey I even love your son...he is the way he is because of you, don't forget that, you must be a 1st class mom ;-).

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