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Posted by willowdreams , 27 April 2013 · 255 views

I try to keep up with the times, listen to the news.. read the news.. watch stuff on tv, listen to pple chat/talk and to what is considered wrong or right

However I have found there is on thing that I do not understand.

it is this 'coming out of the closet thing' to your parents and friends.

My daughter did not tell me she was straight. No, she just got a boyfriend.

If you are straight you bring home someone of the oposite sex, if you are gay you bring home someone of the same sex.

There ya go.

I think we make a big freaking deal of stuff. I think some pple still live in their own judgemental worlds, and that is just fine. BUT, i have noticed when you do not make a big issue out of something nor do you justify it, you just DO it, and I am talking about something like being gay..

it takes the steam out of those judgemental asses, even if they are your parents. If you say nothing, but just be.. and you are not physically harming anyone. You are not doing anything illegal, then most will just think their stupidly backwards thoughts, and after several weeks/months, it will become second nature.

If one is lucky the parent will come and ask you if you are gay.. even though they already know the answer, by then you can 'talk' and not react.

Most of the time I bet it will go well, there will always be those cases where it will not, but when we make issues of something and treat it like it is NOT normal and you must come out of hiding, then it is looked at and judged as not normal

If you just behave normal, treat it as normal (which it is).  things go better.

Sometimes too i think pple like the attention, in that case.. pple get what they deserve. well.. sometims they do.

I think perhaps in many ways, I am to low key. I do not want the 'attention', not like that. I just prefer to be have natural, being myself and letting those who want to judge me, judge me.. because I have learned one thing in life

When a person spends so much time hating on someong.. judging someone.. wasting their energy.. thoughts and times on their feelings like that towards someone, the other person is just going on with their life, being happy being who they are.. most likely they are not even aware  that you are judging them.

So way waste time seeing attention and or judging others and wasting time on bitter or judgemental things when you can just spend your time enjoying yourself?

Oh yea.. i loved the Hobbit, watched it recently

and Doctor Who this season has been really awesome.. last season was great too.

Oh.. and Bones, watching all the seasons from season one and up has been enjoyable.

*blows everyone some kisses and moves on out to the night, as jessa has wrapped slices of bananas.. and chocolate in wontons and is frying them up and dusting them in powdered sugar.*

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