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sometimes all you need is a good ole listen

Posted by willowdreams , in another day 30 July 2013 · 268 views

Had a strange confo with someone today (strange for me anyways.. though I do discuss religion and such with most pple, not everyone do i do this with.. strangely this friend just brought it up)

She is an older woman, her children are grown, she is a widow now and living day to day like most of us do.

She is a church goer, enjoys her prayer circles and such.

So she is a wee bit different them i am, i am agnostic and make no bones about it, but in most every other way we are the same.


Basically she is upset over the internet. I generally avoid discussing things that pple openly say they do not like, but it is hard to avoid it when it is just brought up.. so a person 'listens' and that is usually enough.

It is over the internet and christianity.

She doesn't like the net because she has noticed that young people in church is declining, and it is declining all over the place. Oh in small towns and such where people grow up in churches, young ones are there, but in bigger places like where we live at, it is declining and she blames the internet.

It would seem that before the net came along, young people believed their parents and followed their pasters/preachers teachings, read the scriptures and took them as word of god.

Now she says the kids get online and question everything. They read pages online about science and learn about evolution, something that she feels they shoudl not know about unless their parents or preacher teaches it to them.

They do not take the bible as word of god because they research bible stories to see if there is proof or not. SHe does not like that kids can go online and question question and question.

She does not mind that they question things, even the bible, what she minds is that they are not getting the 'rght' answers to their questions because they are not getting the answers from preachers and parents.

I understand how she feels to a point. I mean, the world is changing rapidly IN OUR TIME.. she was born and raised in the church, she raised her children in the church..her grandchildren are BROUGHT to church several times a week, but as they are entering adulthood, they do not come to church in their hearts.. some have admitted they do not feel 'christian' because they have looked online and talked to others, and though they are still loving people, generous hearts.. they are not christians..

she feels 'slighted' somehow, because it is changing faster then she can catch up to.

I understand her feelings, I get it.. but I do not believe in the way she does. I havw no issues with kids going online and finding answers to their questions.

I am agnostic, so it just does not get to me. Heck if one of my kids chose a religion, i would he stunned, but not upset.

All i could do was tell my friend that I understood why she was upset and that I was sorry. Then reminded her that her grandkids still love her very much and the best gift she can give them is herself. She of course took it as 'she will use herself to show the word of god' to them.. and that is fine, i do not mind if she missunderstood me, the important thing is that she will still spend a lot of time with her family.. her grandkids will not stop loving her because they pulled away from the church and she did not.. they will see the greatest gift she is giving them is her.. her time and her love.

In the end, that is what matters.

I wish it was that way for everyone though, sadly many religioius people, regardless of which religion, get so upset if a child/grandchild/family member turns from their faith that they dissown them, and i find that very very very sad.

I wish more people could just accept that love is love and does not need to be tied ot a holy book.

I find the best kind of love is usually tied to a smile.

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