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And here I am


Summer Layoff is beginning for me.

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 17 May 2012 · 579 views

Well, tis time for layoffs from my job. Every summer.

Usually I work till our book club dept closes on july 5th roundabouts, but this year it has gotten so slow that I was given my layoff as may 21, with callback date Sept 4. Naturally though I will not be laid off till Sept 4th, Because I am trained in book club orderline, assist (where when teachers or...


Mothers Day is almost here! In a bit over an hour for me!

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 13 May 2012 · 438 views

My two adult children asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day, and seriously, there is ONLY one thing I really want.

My mothers day dinner that *I* choose.

I have two books I am reading now, so not needing a new book, nothing else really I want, unless you count what I cannot have like ALL the money I need to get what I want.. new home.. new furniture.. a...


Wow! A BLOG! Well let me introduce myself!

Posted by willowdreams , in Personal blog 12 May 2012 · 760 views
do not know how to do tags!
Well lo and behold, I have discovered a blog! You would think that as long as I have been here, I would have noticed by now, but heh.. i reckon not.

Well Let me introduce me!

First off, ignore typos, misspellings and just plain silly errors. I am so correct at work because I work for a major publishing company, that by the time I get off work and...

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