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New Bio on my Temple of Enki Site

Posted by dragon15066 , 10 December 2013 · 722 views
research, information, religion and 2 more...
New Bio on my Temple of Enki Site I have added a bio page on my web...


Giants and Massive Buildings

Posted by dragon15066 , 23 October 2012 · 399 views

Absolute Proof Of The Giants in Ancient Times.

There have been so many debates about whether or not the giants described in ancient texts really existed or not. I think I have the answer. Let us also remember that some of the Egyptian doorways are massive! Why? Because the creators of these...


Just Ask Yourself pt. 1-2

Posted by dragon15066 , 28 May 2012 · 1,201 views
hidden history, cover up and 2 more...
Just Ask Yourself pt. 1-2 I have just completed and created 2 additional web pages on my site The Temple of Enki where you are challenged to question the source of religious teachings such as the flood. What if the story of Jesus was a re-write of the ancient Egyptian god Horus who died and resurrected?
Look up “Isis and Horus” and go to images. You will see the original...

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